Pharmachem introduces Prenulin for glucose support

Pharmachem introduces Prenulin for glucose support

Patent-pending combination of a specific form of L-arabinose and chromium can be included in a variety of substrates from dietary supplements to beverages and foods.

For the growing number of Americans of all ages who are concerned about cutting back on sugar consumption and attaining healthier blood glucose levels, Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. has launched Prenulin, a patent pending combination of a specific form of L-arabinose combined with chromium, for inclusion in a variety of substrates from dietary supplements to beverages and foods.

Average Americans ingest three pounds of sugar each week—22 teaspoons each day. The American Heart Association recommends no more than only nine teaspoons per day as the upmost limit of daily sugar consumption. Therefore, Americans are consuming more than twice the ceiling recommendation each day, every day. Additionally, the average diet consists of 500 calories of ADDED sugar each day; the wide variety of packaged, processed food products, including such "healthy" foods as tomato sauces, frozen fish meals, etc., have added sugars.

"No doubt about it," says Mitch Skop, senior director of new product development, "the excessive circulating sugars in the body is responsible for dramatic health issues and attendant health care costs. This is, in our opinion, the number-one health problem in America."

In two separate human studies, consumption of Prenulin was shown to significantly lower both circulating glucose and insulin levels after consumption of a 70-gram sucrose challenge, compared to placebo. The studies are described in a peer-reviewed article, "A Combination of L-arabinose and Chromium Lowers Circulating Glucose and Insulin Levels After an Acute Oral Sucrose Challenge,” in the May 2011 issue of Nutrition Journal.

“Normally, it's sugar in, sugar up,” Skop said. “The beauty of Prenulin is that when sugar is consumed, the resulting blood sugar levels have been shown not to spike as they would without the ingredient.  Prenulin may be a welcome tool in consumers' lifestyle modifications for more effective and long-lasting weight and sugar management."

Prenulin is available with two patented varieties of chromium to choose from—Pharmachem’s Food-Bound Chromium, which is a unique, patented form of pre-chelation for this hard-to-digest mineral, and Chromax® Chromium Picolinate from Nutrition 21. 


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