NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2012 Edition

NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2012 Edition

The Engredea Monograph Omega-3s edition is a detailed look at the Omega-3s sector, who the innovators are and what trends are driving the market. The Omega-3s Monograph looks at the developing science in the category and includes a discussion of the ongoing ramification of the category into new delivery modes, from fish, to krill, to algae and now to new soy and squid ingredients. The Omega-3s Monograph includes market projections and breakdowns and includes a discussion of the threats to growth.

Of all ingredients in the dietary supplements and functional foods pantheon, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids occupy a niche at the very top. The ingredient has unrivaled backing in the form of scientific studies backing its benefits in cardiovascular health, in fighting inflammation and in infant nutrition.


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In This Report:
I. Executive Summary
II. Omega-3 Industry Overview
III. Spotlight on Sources

1.) Sources overview: fish oils, krill, algae

Chart: How Omega-3 Ingredients Stack Up

2.) Fish oils

  • History
  • Recent science
  • Supplier Breakdown
  • Chart: Select Marine EPA and DHA Ingredient Suppliers
  • Delivery forms and innovation
  • Sustainability

3.) Krill oil

  • History
  • Recent Science
  • Supplier Breakdown
  • Chart: Krill oil suppliers
  • Phospholipids vs. triglycerides
  • Delivery forms and innovation
  • Sustainability

4.) Algal oils

  • History
  • Supplier Breakdown
  • Chart: Select algal oil suppliers
  • Delivery forms and innovation
  • Chart: Non-Marine EPA and DHA Dietary Supplements
  • Sustainability

5.) New niche suppliers

  • SDA—Monsanto’s new soy-based player in the omega-3s market
  • Squid—making use of a waste stream source

6.) Pricing trends for assorted sources

IV. Market Trends & Predictions

1.) Food & Beverage Overview

  • Chart: Omega-3 New Product Launches
  • The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret
  • Chart: Foods Qualifying for Label Claim
  • EPA vs. DHA Sources
  • Triglycerides vs. Phospholipids

2.) Food & beverage innovations
3.) Ongoing consolidation
4.) Growth forecasts







The NBJ/Engredea Monograph is a comprehensive monthly report filled with exclusive content including insightful market data, science, business intelligence and in-depth coverage on a new ingredient (or ingredient category), central to driving R&D and innovation. Whether you're looking to make strategic business decisions or deciding the best form and format for your product launch, the Monograph provides you with the navigation you need to get there.


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