Alpina, Udi's partner on Greek yogurt granola blends

Alpina, Udi's partner on Greek yogurt granola blends

Leading gluten-free baked goods company prepares granola mix-ins for Alpina Greek yogurts.

Artisan dairy manufacturer Alpina Foods teams up with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, America’s leading gluten-free brand, to provide wholesome, certified gluten-free granola for its Alpina Greek with Artisan Granola brand Greek yogurt.

“There’s just nothing like Alpina Greek with Artisan Granolas in stores right now,” says Gustavo Badino, Alpina Foods’ general manager. “Partnering with Udi’s to prepare our proprietary blend of granolas helps us raise the bar for quality in the yogurt aisle, while also satisfying a niche in the market for a more fulfilling Greek yogurt option by offering consumers the only convenient, all-in-one yogurt and certified gluten-free-granola option.”

Established in 2008, Udi’s Gluten Free Foods has become a trusted brand for people seeking delicious, certified gluten-free baked goods. The company’s reputation for nutritious and flavorful handcrafted granola makes it an ideal partner for Alpina Foods.

“We’re excited to partner with a company that’s just as committed to providing consumers with quality foods as we are,” says Denise Sirovatka, VP of marketing. “Our partnership with Alpina Foods is the first of its kind for us, and we look forward to seeing the success of this new relationship.” 

Each unique granola blend was created by a health and wellness chef to be paired with the different flavor varieties of Alpina Greek with Artisan Granolas. Udi’s will prepare the proprietary mix-ins at their certified-gluten free facility.

Alpina Greek with Artisan Granolas will be available on store shelves in early August.   Flavors will include: Blueberry with Almond Berry granola, Strawberry with Almond Berry granola, Vanilla Bean with Chai Spice granola, Honey with Chai Spice granola, Mango with Tropical Chia granola, Peach with Tropical Chia granola, and Plain with Superfoods granola.

Alpina brand yogurts are currently available in a wide variety of retailers throughout the U.S., including Wegmans Food Markets; Duane Reade; Delhaize Group store Hannaford; Sweetbay; other national and regional food retailers. Alpina yogurts are distributed by Lipari Foods in the Midwest and Dora’s Naturals in New York. For a full list of retailers, visit 



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