Barry chocolate won't promote caries

A new non-laxative chocolate from Swiss-based functional chocolate and cocoa leader Barry Callebaut has been endorsed by Toothfriendly International with its 'Happy Tooth' quality logo.

The chocolate uses isomaltulose — derived from sugar cane and honey — supplied by German sweetener specialist Palatinat. Isomaltulose has a low glycemid response, as it is digested very slowly and does not have laxative side effects.

"Accredited university dental institutes have certified that the isomaltulose-based chocolate is guaranteed safe for teeth," said a spokesman for Barry Callebaut. "Scientific pH-tests demonstrated that Barry Callebaut's new chocolate has no risk for caries, as it does not depress the plaque-pH below the critical level of 5.7."

"The advent of non-cariogenic sugars such as isomaltulose is particularly positive, as it provides new, healthier alternatives to sucrose," said Dr Albert Bär of Toothfriendly International, a Switzerland-based nonprofit organisation whose members include dental professionals associations and confectionery manufacturers.

"Barry Callebaut is the only one to offer a tooth-friendly chocolate for which clinical studies have been conducted and for which dentists' endorsement is obtained," said Barry Callebaut chief innovation officer, Hans Vriens.

Claudia Meissner, head of marketing at Palatinit, said isomaltulose was ideal for children's foods as well as sports, wellness products and functional drinks.

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