Cantox to Host Educational Seminar Regarding Section 912: Potential Threat to Food Innovation

Section 912: Potential Threat to Food Innovation
September 24, 2008
12:00 – 1:30 p.m., CST

Are you up-to-date on Section 912 and the potential threat to food innovation? Tucked into a law recently passed by Congress is a little known prohibition that represents a shift in the dividing line between foods and drugs, and threatens to present significant hurdles for anyone involved in product development.

The provision, known as Section 912, is now in effect and prohibits the addition to a food of an approved drug. It also prohibits the addition of a drug for which substantial clinical trials have been executed and made public. The potential widespread ramifications of Section 912 make it impossible to ignore, particularly with respect to research and development. Food manufacturers must look at Section 912 closely to determine how it could affect their existing portfolios and their product development strategy.

You will better understand:

What is Section 912
Issues Section 912 raises
How to incorporate a Section 912 analysis into product development planning
Intended Audience:

Product Developers
Sales & Marketing
Research Staff
Learning Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Registration: Special End-of-Summer Rates: $95 per member site

Please note that course topics, presenters and times are subject to change without notice. International toll rates will apply to international calls.

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