Consumers clamoring for fillo, flatbreads

Consumers clamoring for fillo, flatbreads

Kontos Foods anticipates continued growth in demand for ethnic flatbread and fillo dough products in 2014.

Kontos Foods Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of traditional Greek and Mediterranean foods, announced that it anticipates continued growth in demand for ethnic flatbread and fillo dough products in 2014, from both retail stores and foodservice establishments. The company, which is now wrapping up its 25th year in the flatbread business, attributes the demand to consumers who are becoming more aware of the great taste and goodness of Mediterranean foods, and how to use those foods to create interesting meals with flair.
“Throughout 2013, our 25th anniversary year, we significantly expanded our business development efforts, boosting our marketing and public relations, increasing our global focus and launching our social media effort. Our efforts are clearly bearing fruit,” said Steve Kontos, vice president of Kontos Foods. “In line with our initiatives, we are seeing a growing trend by consumers to try ethnic flatbreads, such as Pocket-Less Pita® and Naan, as well as fillo products that can be used to make unique appetizers, meals and desserts.”
This year, Kontos Foods opened a new plant to expand capacity for fillo dough and crepes. In line with its expanded global focus, the company also attended the Asian Seafood Expo in Hong Kong, showing Kataifi dough, and the Anuga food and beverage show in Germany, where it introduced Kontos Flatbreads to show attendees.
A strong seller this year was Kontos’ Greek Lifestyle Flatbread, specially formulated to appeal to protein-seeking, carb-conscious consumers. The flatbread has 15 grams of protein, 21 grams of carbs, just 2 grams of sugar and 190 calories per serving.
“In 2014, consumers can look for more Greek Lifestyle products from Kontos Foods—products that are delicious, while providing twice the protein and half the carbohydrates of traditional Flatbreads,” said Warren Stoll, Kontos Foods’ marketing director. “We are also looking to expand this ‘good-for-you’ segment by introducing some unique ethnic products that offer the same benefits to consumers looking for new ways to enjoy bread.”

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