ECONET Hosts Governor Gregoire in Seoul, Korea

Washington Trade Mission Tours ECONET Center

Lacey, WA – October 17, 2006: ECONET, a global family of health and natural product companies with operations in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Russia, China and Mexico, hosted Governor Gregoire and a trade mission delegation from Washington State yesterday at their global headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

“We made a very successful transition of our U.S. operations from Colorado to Washington State in 2004, and have been incredibly pleased with both State and local government support,” said Bill Lee, Owner and Chairman of ECONET. “I am pleased to host Governor Gregoire and her trade mission delegation at the ECONET Center, our global headquarters here in Seoul.”

The Governor and delegates toured the ECONET Center, and then the Governor addressed employees and guests remarking on the five-year construction project of ECONET’s new U.S. headquarters in Lacey, Washington - a cutting-edge environmental development that is a first for that area of Washington State and on the cutting edge of corporate campus development world wide. Senator Paul Shin, who is accompanying the Governor in Seoul, was instrumental in ECONET‘s decision to choose Washington State as their US headquarters location.

Following the meeting at the ECONET Center, Governor Gregoire was hosted by Bill Lee and Derek Hall – ECONET Vice-Chairman and CEO, along with other dignitaries such as former Korean Senator Helen Chung, Lee’s mother.

“ECONET is now beginning a significant global expansion, and we are pleased to have worked with Senator Shin and others in Washington State to secure a US Headquarters site in Lacey, Washington,” said Hall. “We anticipate increased participation with the State Department of Trade, Community and Economic Development (CTED) and the Governor’s office as ECONET companies expand worldwide.”

About the ECONET Family of Companies
Unigen Pharmaceuticals (, with significant research facilities in the US and Korea and a Bio-Mass facility in Russia, is a leading research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier of therapeutic botanicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, functional food and cosmetic industries. Aloecorp (, with operations in the US, Mexico and China is the world’s leading vertically integrated fine ingredient Aloe vera manufacturer and supplier focused on scientific methodology and procedures which guarantee product quality, purity, potency and biological activity supported by published, peer-reviewed studies. Univera (, with operations in the US and Korea, is the world’s leading healthy aging direct sales company with full-scale genomic, proteomic and biological research capabilities unmatched in advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities. Namyang is a Korean manufacturing company of health and nutrition products.

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Contact: Susan Haeger
VP Corporate Communications &
Governmental Affairs
(360) 486-8300, ext. 1030
[email protected]

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