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Kashi Company Announces New TLC(TM) All-Natural Party Crackers

LA JOLLA, Calif., - Kashi Company, the premier natural food company, today announced the expansion of its popular TLC(R) family of snacks to include an all-natural party cracker. This new cracker is filled with positive nutrients such as whole grains and fiber that people can feel good about serving to family and friends. The new entertainer-style cracker offers a tasty, whole grain snack perfect for topping with their favorite cheeses, spreads or veggies or enjoying all by themselves.
"We are excited to introduce a new cracker that people can feel good about eating and sharing," said Jeff Johnson, senior brand manager and nutritionist for Kashi Company. "Our all-natural party crackers offer great taste and are made with Kashi's signature 7 whole grains and fiber, providing plenty of positive nutrition in a tasty little cracker."
TLC(TM) All-Natural Party Crackers will be available in three varieties, including Stoneground 7 Grain with whole toasted sesame seeds, extra virgin olive oil and a dusting of sea salt; Mediterranean Bruschetta bursting with basil and tomato; and savory Roasted Garlic & Thyme seasoned with garlic and herbs. Like the TLC(R) family of natural snacks, the all-natural party crackers are made without any hydrogenated oils and have zero grams of trans fats. In addition, each serving provides eight grams of whole grain, and three grams of fiber(a).
In addition to the release of the new TLC(TM) All-Natural Party Crackers, Kashi is also introducing a new flavor to the original TLC(R) snack cracker family: Fire Roasted Vegetable, which features a smoky combination of red and green peppers, carrots, onions and tomato.
"Our TLC(R) family of snacks offers people great taste that they can feel great about," said Johnson. "These new party crackers join our TLC(R) snack crackers, chewy granola bars, crunchy granola bars, and cookies to help people satisfy their snack cravings with positive nutrition."
TLC(TM) All-Natural Party Crackers and Fire Roasted Vegetable TLC(R) snack crackers will be available nationwide beginning in June.
About Kashi Company
Founded in 1984, Kashi is a company on a mission to redefine how people eat to achieve their best lives. As a pioneering health food brand, Kashi is dedicated to providing great tasting, healthy and innovative foods that enable people to achieve optimal health and wellness. Its products are natural, minimally processed, and free of highly refined sugars, artificial additives and preservatives. Kashi(R) brands include: GOLEAN(R) cereals, bars, shakes and waffles; Kashi(R) Heart to Heart(R) cereal, instant oatmeal and waffles; Kashi(R) 7 Whole Grain Puffs, Honey Puffs, Nuggets and Flakes cereals; Kashi(R) Vive Digestive Wellness cereal; Kashi(R) Good Friends(R) and Kashi(R) Good Friends(R) Cinna-Raisin Crunch(R) cereals; Kashi Mighty Bites(TM) cereal; Kashi(R) Organic Promise(R) cereals; Kashi(R) TLC(R) Crackers, Crunchy Granola Bars, Chewy Granola Bars and TLC(TM) Cookies; Kashi(TM) All Natural Frozen Entrees and Kashi(TM) Pilaf. For more information visit
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