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Maxx Performance Unveils Microencapsulation Support Web Site

CHESTER, N.Y. – (Jul. 14, 2008) Maxx Performance, the leading provider of microencapsulation technologies, recently announced the launch of a specialized Web site for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers looking to optimize product applications.

Located at, the new site offers the trends information and technical resources manufacturers need to overcome processing challenges and enhance product delivery.

“Microencapsulation is a powerful technology for protecting the integrity of food ingredients such as flavors, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and pharmaceutical preparations. It can also aid the incorporation of ingredients that are not in a desirable form in the original state by modifying the nature of the substance,” said Winston Samuels, president and CEO of Maxx Performance.”

“The focus of the Web site is collaboration,” added Samuels. “We want to help food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers understand the advantages of microencapsulated technologies for innovating and reinvigorating products, getting them to market fast, and improving the bottom line.”

“Manufacturers of animal health and nutritional products can also use our delivery system to enhance bioavailability of reactive and unstable bioactive compounds,” said Samuels.

To that end, the new site ( offers free technical information and resources specific to a variety of manufacturing processing challenges, including:
• Masking taste and off odors
• Extending shelf life and preservation
• Preventing premature reactions and interactions
• Enhancing flavor, texture and quality
• Controlling the release of ingredients in humans and animals
• Enhancing bioavailability
• Improving time-to-market

Applications found on the Maxx Performance website include, but are not limited to, supplements, baked goods,
capsules, dry mixes, protein and nutrition bars, confections and energy drinks.

About Maxx Performance
Maxx Performance is the leading provider of microencapsulation technologies that help manufacturers overcome application and processing challenges, optimize product delivery and improve time-to-market. The company’s solutions help manufacturers mask taste and off odors, extend shelf life and product preservation, prevent premature reactions and interactions, enhance flavor, texture and quality and control the release of ingredients both in humans and in animals. Maxx Performance technologies are primarily used in the manufacture of supplements, baked goods, confectionary goods and meat products, as well as feed applications for the delivery of nutrients in animal health and nutrition including dairy, companion animals and aquaculture.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Winston Samuels Tel: 845.987.9432
Maxx Performance Inc. Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box 711 Internet:
Chester, NY 10918


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