Alvita continues Tea Tour

Alvita continues Tea Tour

National tea tour includes retail training and sampling.

Brewed with confidence and steeped in tradition since 1922, Alvita debuted its new organic tea line with a Tea Tour for distributors, retailers and consumers. The Tour started in July 2013 and was designed to educate retailers as well as increase brand awareness with consumers. Thanks to a positive response and increased demand, the Alvita Tea Tour will be continued in 2014.
Tea Tour guests were greeted with various teas to sample from Passionflower to Ginger-Peppermint and Hibiscus. Along with company history and information on new teas, the Alvita team conducted in-store training with employees, interacted with customers, set-up in-store demos, and hosted lunch and dinner events in select markets.
During the tour, Alvita was honored to be joined by industry legend, Cheryl Hughes, owner of The Whole Wheatery in Lancaster, Calif. A longtime supporter of Alvita, Cheryl exclaimed “I am thrilled to see the renewed focus in the Alvita brand along with a strong commitment to education and promotion.  Alvita has always been a trusted brand and we are happy to support it. ”
Highlights of the Alvita training presentation summary

  • Reinforcement of brand heritage and continued commitment to selecting quality herbs.   
  • A dedicated rebranding strategy that includes the following key selling points:
    • Alvita teas are certified organic by QAI.
    • Internal quality control includes extensive laboratory testing for the purity and potency of every incoming herb.
    • Organoleptic analysis includes qualifying every chosen herb based on sight, smell, taste and feel.
    • Every herb is thoroughly researched and documented for both its traditional uses and scientific literature.
    • Alvita’s new organic teas are herbal supplements and include a supplement facts box that identifies the herb used and relevant preparation information.  
    • Alvita Teas include a “Traditional Use Statement” that helps consumers identify the benefit of the tea. Consumers will also find use and brewing instructions in order to achieve the best possible cup of tea.
    • Hand illustrations now adorn every new box of tea.
    • Packaging is made from 100% recycled paperboard and is recyclable.
    • Each box has a re-sealable inner pouch for continued freshness.
    • English style tea bags with no staples or strings are oxygen bleached and not chlorine treated. 
    • Alvita Teas are certified gluten free by NSF and Kosher.

In 2014, Alvita will continue to transition over 40+ Single-herb teas into certified organic tea. To learn more, visit

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