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BioVittoria Announces the First Customer Beverage To Be Naturally Sweetened With Fruit-Sweetness™ Clorie-Free Fruit Concentrate

BioVittoria announced that Fruit-Sweetness™ will be featured in a new reduced calorie beverage being launched by Palo Alto, California-based Maverick Brands. Fruit-Sweetness™ is a 100% natural, calorie-free fruit concentrate made from monk fruit. This is the first beverage product to feature BioVittoria’s Fruit-Sweetness™ which gained FDA GRAS notification status in February this year.

Maverick Brands, makers of FlatBelly™ Protein Shake, will be the first company to launch a no added sugar protein shake with Fruit-Sweetness™. Flat Belly™ Protein Shake contains 22 grams of complete premium whey protein, 9 essential amino acids without any added fat or cholesterol all while being all-natural, gluten free and an excellent source of vitamin C and iron.

“The Maverick team is excited to roll out FlatBelly this spring to consumers who are looking for silky indulgence that delivers the protein and nutrients they need without added sugar.” says Mark Shaw President of Maverick Brands.

Another company that has been working with Biovittoria’s Fruit-Sweetness™ is Preston, Washington based Talking Rain Beverage Company. Talking Rain, maker of ActiVwater sports drink, Twist and Sparkling Ice enhanced waters is developing an enhanced flavoured water formulated with Fruit-Sweetness™. Doug MacLean, CEO of Talking Rain said today “We are excited that we can now sweeten with an all-natural, zero calorie fruit concentrate. This provides tremendous application potential for us for a new product line”.

BioVittoria CEO David Thorrold today said “We are delighted to be working with Talking Rain and Maverick Brands, who are genuine innovators and leaders in creating healthy, great tasting beverages. Both companies see Fruit-Sweetness™ as a natural choice for delivering reduced calories with great taste, while fitting perfectly with their brands which emphasise natural, healthy, fruit based and fruit flavoured products.”

About Fruit-Sweetness™

Fruit-Sweetness™ is BioVittoria’s proprietary monk fruit (luo han guo) concentrate and is the first and to date only all-natural, zero-calorie fruit concentrate sweetener to be GRAS notified by FDA. For more information visit

About BioVittoria

BioVittoria is headquartered in Hamilton New Zealand and is the world’s largest producer and processor of monk fruit. For more information visit

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