French Meadow Bakery™ Launches Gluten- Free Tortillas

French Meadow Bakery™ is excited with its launch of Gluten-Free™ Tortillas. The tortillas are Certified Gluten-Free by The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group™. More information can be found at or by calling (206) 246-6652.

The new French Meadow Bakery Gluten-Free Tortillas are soft and the taste and texture are similar to the traditional tortillas consumers are most familiar with. The Gluten-Free Tortillas are made with rice flour and tapioca starch, with zero grams of fat. The 7-inch tortillas are made with all natural ingredients and the SRP is $4.32-$4.80.

Elizabeth Naffziger, Marketing Manager at French Meadow Bakery, said the new tortillas have been warmly welcomed by people suffering from celiac disease.

“At the recent Natural Products Expo we had more than one consumer’s eyes fill with tears, they were so happy to have a tortilla; it had been so long due to celiac disease,” she noted.

The documented national statistics state that one in 133 people has celiac disease, an autoimmune intestinal disorder that causes severe allergies to proteins found in wheat and related grains. The industry researchers also note that even a greater number of people are gluten intolerant.

A French Meadow Bakery nutrition consultant, Joan Pedlow, RN/RD, adds to these statistics by sharing the following data:
• It’s estimated only three percent of Americans have been diagnosed celiac and follow a gluten-free diet.
• The gluten-free diet is the only treatment for this autoimmune disease, which is very serious.
• Celiac is not food allergy or food intolerance.
• Symptoms are multi-system.
• Celiac can present itself at any age.
• Diet is the only treatment.

In operation since 1985, French Meadow Bakery™ is the longest continuously running certified organic bakery in the U.S. Founded by Lynn Gordon as a means to make healthy bread for her macrobiotic diet, French Meadow has become internationally recognized as a leader in the naturally delicious and nutritious bakery products and desserts that are certified organic, gluten free, vegan, yeast free and kosher. French Meadow has been recognized for the 2007 “Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award” and the “Ten Best Bread Bakeries in the U.S.” by Bon Appetit. Its performance breads are endorsed by nutrition experts Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. French Meadow, which operates in Minnesota and has a global strategic business alliance with Rich Products Corp., is a sustainable company that maintains its commitment to the environment through small farmers, community involvement and innovative healthy eating. Its trend-setting products are available nationally at mainstream grocers and independent natural food stores. Please visit or call (877) 669-3278.

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