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Frontier Beverage Release 3-Ounce Energy Shot

Frontier Beverage Co. (FBEC 0.31, 0.00, 0.00%) has announced the launch of Bulldozer(TM), the second low-calorie, low-sugar relaxation aid introduced by the company within the past few months. Following in the path of its 12 oz. predecessor, Unwind(TM), this three-ounce shot allows you to bring on the ultimate state of relaxation.

"We designed Bulldozer to be the most powerful relaxation aid on the market, with the goal of knocking out the effects of energy drinks, caffeine and daily stresses with only three ounces," said Terry Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Beverage Co.

"But don't take our word; for a limited time, we will provide one free sample per household so that people can try Bulldozer for themselves," added Harris. "Check Unwind's website for details on how to order a sample."

Ideal for pounding before a long flight, downing after a revitalizing evening workout or chugging at any other time when you need a quick, non-alcoholic and legal way to relax, Bulldozer is a proprietary blend of B vitamins and antioxidant-rich acai and berry juices combined with natural relaxation agents melatonin, rose hips and valerian root. All of these ingredients, commonly found in health or nutrition stores globally, have been used by herbalists for thousands of years for their curative properties in coping with both anxiety and insomnia.

"Bulldozer is a great alternative for those who have sleep problems," added Harris. "Some of the customers who have sampled Bulldozer let us know that they had the best night's sleep of their lives after trying just one serving."

"What I love is that I not only get a great night sleep, but I also wake up feeling energized and refreshed," said Michael Kennedy of Henderson, TN. "It is great to be able to start the day clear and well-rested rather than tired or foggy like I used to with other sleep aids; plus, it tastes great!"

"There are times when people don't want to be flying high on energy-boosting products that speed everyone up, so we wanted to offer people a way to come back down to chill for a while," continued Harris. "After all, the Laws of Physics state that 'what comes up must come down'; Bulldozer is here to help the process along - with the speed and knock-you-down ability of a bulldozer."

With a light tropical berry flavor and only 20 calories, Bulldozer is rolling out to markets across the country. For a limited time, Unwind website visitors can order a free sample, paying only the cost of shipping, to try it out for themselves.

Insomnia is a growing problem in America; in fact, according to the American Sleep Foundation, more than 64 percent of Americans report that they have experienced sleep problems - an increase of more than 13 percent since 2001.

For product news, promotions and contests, follow Unwind on Twitter at @unwindbeverage and join the company's Facebook fan page at For additional information, please call 1-877-233-RELX (7359) or visit

About Frontier Beverage Co.

Founded in late 2009, Frontier Beverage is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and is a publicly-traded company under the sign FBEC. For more information or up-to-date information on Frontier Beverage, its flagship product, Unwind, or its newest relaxation aid, Bulldozer, please visit: or contact

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