Fusion Formulations Launches New Sustainability Doctrine

Fusion Formulations, a contract and private label manufacturer specializing in functional beverages and dietary supplements, has announced the implementation of its Sustainability program. Greatly reducing manufacturing waste in all forms through innovative and viable approaches to use, reuse and disposition is the hallmark of the company’s program, which will result in cumulative savings of energy, materials, and money for the greater good of its environment and for its manufacturing partners’ bottom lines.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts and increasing our personal and public profile as an environmentally and socially aware company,” said Brad Grossman, CEO of Fusion Formulations. “Our plan encompasses three major business areas, the purchase of our products, use of our products/facilities and the control of our output. Through our philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling, we here at Fusion Formulations are committed to taking steps towards our part of a sustainable future.”

Inspired by initiatives in other industries, Fusion Formulations is shifting to more environmentally sound practices without compromising our business plan or the quality of our unique products.

During 2009, Fusion Formulations implemented the following measures as part of its Sustainability Doctrine:
- Established a Green Team of employees
- Reuse wood and plastic delivery palettes
- Replacing Styrofoam cups and giving each employee a reusable mug
- Establishing programs to turn off idling electronics
- Track use of paper and copiers to minimize consumption
- Shredded paper is reused as packing material
- The office uses green cleaning supplies
- All forklifts are electric
- Participating in community environmental programs
- Always run at full batch capacity to ensure maximum efficiency from equipment
- The manufacturing facility washes their own textiles and some plastics, cutting transportation costs
- Electronics are recycled and refurbished machines are purchased
- Installed thermostat covers
- Offer incentives to employees to look out for environmental concerns at work
- Green Team conducts regular meetings and disseminates the information to all employees
- Paper recycle bins placed throughout the office

Future goals include:
- Placing plastic screens in the warehouses to keep temperature more constant in doorways
- Expansion of recycling for plastic, glass and metals
- Elimination of plastic bottles
- Purchasing more recycled, chlorine free and sustainable paper for use
- Establish a double-sided printing standard
- Install motion sensors for lighting to save electricity and money
- Expand procurement of environmentally friendly products for the office
- Purchasing more energy efficient appliances
- Venturing towards shredding cardboard waste to use for packing material

Grossman adds, “At Fusion Formulations, we are doing our part to contribute more sustainable methods within the vitamin and supplement industry. We hope that our commitment will show leadership for other businesses in the future.”

About Fusion Formulations
Fusion Formulations is a GMP-certified contract manufacturer and private-label manufacturer. Fusion Formulations is an experienced leader in customized contract manufacturing of nutraceutical beverages, plus nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral and botanical tablets, capsules and powders. For more information about Fusion Formulations, log onto www.fusion-formulations.com.

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