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Jim’s Organic Coffee Expands its Sustainable Energy Efforts through Wind Power and Post Consumer Recycled Cups

Wareham, Massachusetts (April 20, 2007) Jim’s Organic Coffee is proud to join hands with Sterling Planet and the Environmental Protection Agency to become the East Coast’s first coffee roaster that is 100% powered by renewable energy. The company has offset 100% of their electric and gas use to renewable energy sources. The purchase is enough to compensate for all gas and electricity in the roasting facility, for transportation of green coffee to the plant and for the company automobiles. This renewable energy is equivalent to 171,216 pounds of CO2, 17 passenger cars NOT driven for a year, 26 tons of waste recycled or 65 acres of pine/fir forests storing carbon for a year. According to Jim, “Being a 100% organic company, energy sustainability has always been a primary focus for us. By making these new strides, we maintain our leadership position as a coffee roaster dedicated to quality in the cup, while preserving our shared ecosystems.”

Demonstrating environmental leadership, Jim’s Organic Coffee joined the EPA’s Green Power Partnership which encourages organizations to reduce environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use by purchasing green power. The company chose Sterling Planet, the nation’s leading retail provider of solar, wind and other clean, renewable energy to make these purchases. Sterling Planet opened their doors in January 2001 as the first provider of renewable energy available in all 50 states and uses the nationally recognized green-e logo. Green-e is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy and companies that use renewable energy.
In addition, Jim’s Organic Coffee is proud to supply customers with their 10% post consumer recycled cups. The company’s use of the cups provides environmental benefits in three ways: first, less tree fiber is being used; second, more post consumer recycled paper is used and; third, the amount of energy used to produce these cups is significantly smaller. The cups look almost identical to the previous ones and are available in three sizes.

Jim’s Organic Coffee is constantly striving to use materials and employ practices that help the company create greater sustainability. Jim comments about the decision to use post consumer recycled cups saying, “In our process of sourcing, we make selections based on the quality of the product as well as sustainability. These cups are yet another incremental step toward what we call ‘going greener’. But to us, just another of the simple decisions we make about how we run our business”.

Jim’s Organic Coffee is a leader in the coffee industry providing a wide selection of slow, hand-roasted, certified organically grown coffees from around the world. With over 35 varieties to choose from, the company ensures its effort to support farmers with fair wages, support the ecosystem by buying shade grown coffee which provides vital bird habitat and support organic agriculture which sustains vital ecosystems. Jim’s Organic Coffee invests in renewable energy as well as maintains “green” and sustainable initiatives at its facility. Jim’s fine coffees are available at health food stores, markets, fine restaurants, bakeries and through the website at


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