Litesse® is now approved by the FDA in the USA for use in yoghurt products

Litesse® polydextrose from Danisco can now be used to create reduced calorie, prebiotic, fibre-enriched, reduced sugar yoghurt products and yoghurt beverages.*

Litesse® is easy to use in most dairy and yoghurt applications. It can be added to yoghurt before or after fermentation, or as part of the fruit preparation of fruit yoghurt where it can replace the bulk of sugar.

Available in both liquid and powder forms, Litesse® remains stable during the processing and shelf life of dairy products.

Litesse® is a speciality carbohydrate that is low calorie (1 kcal/gram), sugar free, prebiotic and high in fibre. Litesse® can be used with high intensity sweeteners to replace sugar and reduce calories. It also improves the mouthfeel and texture of low fat, reduced sugar yogurt.

As a prebiotic, Litesse® offers digestive health benefits.
Research findings indicate that Litesse® is not digested by human enzymes and passes intact to the colon where it selectively stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli and promotes the generation of beneficial short chain fatty acids while also reducing colonic pH. Litesse® is well-tolerated up to 90 grams per day with no adverse gastrointestinal effects.

Litesse® polydextrose has also been shown to have a satiating effect. Clinical studies indicate that the consumption of foods containing Litesse® can substantially reduce subsequent caloric intake.

* When used as a stabilizer in accordance with the yogurt standards of identity.
(See 21 CFR 131.200, 203 and 206.)

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