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SteazCanned Steaz for public schools
The Healthy Beverage Co, creators of Steaz Sparkling Green Tea beverages, has unveiled a line of green-tea beverages in conjunction with the launch of the Steaz Healthy Schools Initiative. The new sparkling green teas in 12oz cans are now available nationwide through food-service and direct store-delivery channels. Lightly carbonated and decaffeinated, the teas come in raspberry, orange, root beer and green tea with lemon flavours. The drinks have received USDA approval for use in school-nutrition programmes.
+1 215 321 8330
[email protected]

Pomegranates for hot flashes
Pomegranate Health has created two new formulas of pomegranate, Estragranate Gold and Estragranate Plus. The company's first Estragranate product was designed to be a safe alternative to hormone-replacement therapy. The latest launches aim to enhance the benefits of the original capsule supplement. Available as a vegetarian capsule, Estragranate Gold is a blend of oils from organic pomegranate seed, organic grapeseed, flaxseed, olive, evening primrose, wheat germ and borage. Estragranate Plus, in capsule form, combines pomegranate-seed oil with Chinese herbals known for their benefits to women: asparagus root (tian men dong), schizandra berry (wu weil zi), angelica root (dong quai) and licorice root (gan cao).
+1 585 777 4091
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PACran chewsCranberry in softchew format
Lallemand Health Ingredients' PACran offers a standardised cranberry powder in a softchew form. Each 5.5g softchew delivers 500mg of PACran Whole Cranberry Powder standardised to a minimum of 1.5 per cent proanthocyanidin (PAC), measured via the only published and USDA-recognized HPLC analytical method. PACran is distributed in the EU by Lallemand Health Ingredients, under exclusive license from US-based Decas Botanical Synergies.
+45 45 95 08 58
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Centrum Cardio complete multivitaminsCentrum adds CoroWise phytosterols
Cargill's cholesterol-lowering CoroWise plant sterols are now available in the new Centrum Cardio complete multivitamin. Foods or supplements containing at least 400mg per serving of free plant sterols taken twice daily with meals, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Two Centrum Cardio tablets contain 800mg of CoroWise plant sterols.

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