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Ramon nut-derived organic coffee
Teeccino's caffeine-free Organic Maya Herbal Coffee line comes from the ramon nut, recently discovered in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, which spans more than five million acres in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Along with its full-bodied flavour, roasted ramon seeds are high in protein; contain all the essential amino acids; detoxify the liver; and are rich in such nutrients as calcium, iron, and vitamins B and C. To ensure the future of the ramon nut, the company is working with the local Mayan people to restore the productivity of their rainforest and adopt sustainable harvesting methods. The coffee line comes in three varieties: Maya Caff', with a rich roasted body and dark, intense coffee flavour; Maya Mocha, with spicy top notes and the creaminess of Mexican vanilla; and Maya Mocha, with overtones of chocolate and a piquant spike of chiles.
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Enzyme supplements to aid digestion
Enzymedica, a Florida manufacturer of enzyme-based finished products, has launched two enzyme supplements in North America. Kids Digest is a mild-potency plant-based digestive enzyme powder that, when mixed with juice, turns into a fizzy drink that supports kids' proper digestion and nutrient assimilation at mealtime. The mix contains 12 enzymes, including Enzymedica's unique Thera-blends: amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase. It also contains acidophilus and xylitol. GlutenEase is a plant-based enzyme formula for people suffering with an intestinal intolerance to gluten and casein. The blend contains DPP-IV activity, which has been shown to assist in breaking down the proteins (exorphin peptides) that are a common factor in gluten and casein intolerance.
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Natural soda line adds new flavour
Reed's has introduced Black Cherry Cream Soda to its all-natural line of Virgil's Root Beer and Virgil's Cream Soda. The new soda is made naturally, using black cherry flavouring, unrefined cane sugar and vanilla beans from Madagascar. Like Virgil's Root Beer and Cream Soda, the new Black Cherry Cream Soda contains no artificial ingredients, caffeine or preservatives.
+1 800 997 3337

Probiotic drops for infants and older
Infacol Probiotic Drops are the UK's first probiotic oil food supplement specifically designed for children from birth onwards. Made by Infacol, the drops help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive system with Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis. Each daily dose provides 100 million live cells of L. reuteri without adding sugar; salt; lactose; or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Recent studies of children in day care showed that children whose diet was supplemented with L.reuteri suffered less from fever, stomach infections and common colds than other children in the same day care, the company reports.
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Dairy-free margarine with phytosterols
Vancouver-based Forbes Medi-Tech and Finland-based Kesko have expanded their Pirkka range of products containing Forbes Medi-Tech's cholesterol-lowering phytosterol ingredient Reducol. The new products, sold under the Pirkka brand name, include a nondairy margarine and additional yoghurt flavours to complement the successful Buckthorn and Raspberry launch in May 2005. The new Pirkka margarine is in full distribution at all Kesko stores, along with the raspberry, buckthorn, natural (plain), and cranberry flavour Pirkka yoghurt products.
+1 604 689 5899

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