OENON Group Relaunches Six Kind-to-the-Body “Ishoku Doken” Herb-Containing Liqueur Products

On 16 September 2008, OENON Group company Godo Shusei Co., Ltd. will relaunch six of its 515 ml size “Ishoku Doken (Medicine and Daily Diet Are Equally Important for a Healthy Body)” liqueur products nationwide. The products contain herbs and fruit and are said to be kind to the body. Seeing as the origin of both medicine and food eaten as part of our daily diet are one and the same, these alcoholic beverages have been created under the time-honored concept that indeed “medicine and daily diet are equally important for a healthy body”. The six beverages make best use of their ingredients’ distinctive flavors: blueberry, angsana (Burmese rosewood), pomegranate, chamomile, acerola and rosehip. The relaunched products are meant to be drunk with ice or diluted with water or soda water. Priced at JPY 743 per 515 ml bottle.

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