Our World Network Launches Bio-Beverages

Our World Network, Inc., a leading formulator and distributor of health and nutrition products, has announced the release of two revolutionary new bio-beverages, YouthJuice(TM) and YouthJuice Restor(TM). Both formulations are based on the breakthrough discoveries of the extraordinary anti-oxidative and immunity-boosting benefits of berries and sea vegetables.

"YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restor are powerful functional foods that were designed to protect the body from today's most pressing health challenges," said Robert Edwards, Co-founder and President of Our World Network. "We've invested four years in research and development to ensure that they are the most efficient way to obtain the nutrition needed for maximum wellness."

Developed in conjunction with scientists at the University of British Columbia, and based on research funded by a Canadian Government Research and Development Grant, each twenty-five ounce bottle of YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restor is produced from seven pounds of seven of the world's most potent berries and sea vegetables. These natural ingredients have been identified in numerous additional studies for their ability to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation, eliminate toxins, and provide support for energy, immunity, and optimal health.

Every one ounce serving delivers clinically supported amounts of:
Ellagitannins, known for their remarkable healing properties
Fucoidan, recognized for its beneficial effects on the body's inflammatory process
Resveratrol, a powerful anti-aging compound
Vitamin D3, known for improved muscle strength, joint function, cardiovascular and respiratory health

YouthJuice Restor(TM) contains the additional fortification of eighteen highly-absorbable essential vitamins and minerals specifically chosen to support immune health.

YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restor utilize ingredients harvested from the Pacific Northwest under sustainable farming practices, and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are free of environmental toxins.

"The benefits of the ingredients in YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restor are backed by over forty years of science," added Edwards. "Besides that, they taste great and represent the most economical and convenient way for anyone to improve their health."

YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restor are available exclusively through independent business owners of Our World Network, Inc. More information is available at www.youthjuice.com.

About Our World Network
Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Our World Network is an independently owned company dedicated to providing a richer quality of life for individuals around the globe. Since 2005, it has created a better world by funding disease prevention research, through health-enhancing products, including YouthJuice(TM) and YouthJuice Restore(TM), and by building financial success for its growing network of independent business owners.

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