Pack A Pocket Full Of ABB® Diet Turbo Tea®

For most people, a little afternoon pick-me-up is a perfect fit for days presenting challenging demands from work and family. The choices range from coffee and tea to sodas and energy drinks. ABB’s new Diet Turbo Tea® powder packets offer the best of several options with an emphasis on convenience. The Lemon Tea flavor provides energy drink performance and is made with a blend of black tea.

“Regulars at the gym have enjoyed American Body Building’s Diet Turbo Tea® for years,” said Rachel Hopkins, a Food Scientist with ABB® in Aurora. “They appreciate the boost of energy, mental focus and enhanced thermogenic effects that come with 90 mg of caffeine per serving. Now that same popular formula is available in pourable powder packets that can be mixed up anywhere a bottled water machine or water fountain can be found.” Diet Turbo Tea® powdered packets are sold in boxes of 12 at gyms and health food stores nationwide.

American Body Building is an Optimum Nutrition company. ABB® has been recognized as ‘The Force in the Gym’ since 1985™ and, through the years, has introduced a number of innovative firsts in the sports nutrition industry. As is the case with its parent company, ABB strictly oversees every step of in-house product formulation and manufacturing.

For more information on American Body Building or new Diet Turbo Tea® powder packets

Or contact Tim Weigard at 630-236-6707.

700 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, IL 60504

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