Pure Swiss expands to Asia

Pure Swiss expands to Asia

Premium mineral water brand shipped its first orders to Qatar, Taiwan and South Korea.

PURE SWISS AG, a Swiss premium mineral water brand, recently completed distribution agreements and shipped its first orders to three countries: Qatar, Taiwan and South Korea. These international distribution agreements will expand the company's existing presence beyond the United States, Kuwait and Mexico.

Alex Fries, CEO, stated, “We have been very selective when choosing our international partners and could not be more enthusiastic to enter these three new markets as our goals have always been to become a true international brand. Our ability to offer direct factory shipments will increase profitability and will be instrumental to the success of our international ventures." Fries concluded, "The growth of our international business has been energizing as we have continued to boost our list of distributors across North America."

PURE SWISS, a Swiss premium all-natural healthy mineral water brand, provides a unique offering for our distribution partners. Consumers around the globe are becoming more health conscious and concerned about the health benefits of the products that they are consuming. Given that PURE SWISS mineral water is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes makes it a viable option to quench the thirst of these consumers and distributors.

“We are continuing to expand PURE SWISS’ global penetration and are ecstatic about the opportunity to grow our brand in Qatar, Taiwan and South Korea,” said Ernesto Paiz, director of marketing. "We also look forward to announcing a major distribution partner on the East Coast of the U.S."

These new partnerships will give PURE SWISS access to a wide range of retail formats, including conventional supermarket chains, hypermarkets, independent retail operators, and the food service channel.


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