Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice Launches at GNC

Sunsteen LLC (, a Los Angeles-based superfruit beverage company, today announces the availability of Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice at select GNC stores and on Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice will be launched at GNC prototype stores, a new concept in retailing from the leading retailer of nutritional products that will feature an expanded product lineup and become a premier destination for health-and-wellness products for the entire family. Following the initial introduction, Sunsteen will continue to roll out their mangosteen antioxidant juice at more GNC stores nationwide.

Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice

Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice is a health beverage based on the superfruit, mangosteen, with no added sugars and packed with natural antioxidants in a convenient one-serving bottle (8.5 fl oz). Mangosteen also known as the "queen of all fruits", is an abundant source of powerful natural antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants called, Xanthones, are mainly found in the fruit's peel. Sunsteen Mangosteen Antioxidant Juice not only utilizes whole fruit mangosteen puree, but also extract from the peel to make sure each bottle is loaded with natural antioxidants consumable in a great tasting beverage. While mangosteen has only been used traditionally as a supplement in larger more expensive varieties or as a flavor enhancer, Sunsteen seeks to break the mold with their product by providing a high quality antioxidant juice in a convenient singe serve size.

"We are excited to join GNC and make our products accessible to more health conscious consumers nationwide. GNC has always been a trusted name in health and wellness products and I hope more people will learn of the benefits of the mangosteen fruit," says Jack Yee, President of Sunsteen LLC. "With GNC's commitment to the health and wellness of their customers and the trust they have gained from their loyal consumer base along with an outstanding product we are about to offer to them, I think we have a great chance to expand the superfruit category in their stores and make this a long lasting relationship."

The superfruit category with exotic tropical fruits such as mangosteen and acai leading the charge, is a great addition to GNC's product lineup as more consumers are looking for healthier and great tasting alternatives to traditional beverages and supplements. With GNC's retail presence nationwide as a one-stop shop for health and wellness for the entire family, it will be a great platform for Sunsteen to become more accessible to the fans of their brand and product.

For more information please contact Vice-President and Director of Sales Charlie Yee at http://[email protected]/ or visti

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