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Uncle Matt's infuses turmeric, probiotics into new juices

Uncle Matt's infuses turmeric, probiotics into new juices
GanedenBC30-powered Orange Turmeric and Orange Coconut, along with new Matcha Lemonade, will debut at Natural Products Expo West.

Uncle Matt’s Organic, best known for its line of premium organic orange juices, announced the launch of three new organic juices: Orange Turmeric, Orange Coconut and Matcha Lemonade. And for the first time, Uncle Matt’s will be offering probiotics in the Orange Turmeric and Orange Coconut juices, powered by GanedenBC30, which is also used in the leading brand of kombucha. Uncle Matt’s Organic will be sampling these new items at Natural Products Expo West in Booth 2313.

The Organic Orange Turmeric juice contains 500 mg. of turmeric per serving, which is an ideal way to “drink” your daily supplement. Turmeric is known as a health-promoting spice and pairs nicely with Uncle Matt’s organic orange juice. The Orange Turmeric also contains 1 billion living probiotic cells per 8 oz. serving and 120 percent of the RDV for vitamin C.

Uncle Matt’s reduced calorie Orange Coconut also contains GanedenBC30 probiotics and delivers the refreshing taste of orange juice paired with coconut water, all for 70 calories per serving, which is 36 percent less calories than regular orange juice. Uncle Matt’s Orange Coconut also contains B vitamins and boasts natural electrolytes and vitamin C, making it a better choice than flavored coconut water.

“We’re very excited about the launch of these three new flavors to our family of organic, healthy beverages,” says Matt McLean, CEO and Founder of Uncle Matt’s. “Our partnership with Ganeden and their GanedenBC30 probiotic is exciting and gives our customers the ability to support their digestive health and immune system with a probiotic that delivers cultures more effectively than yogurt.”

Uncle Matt’s Organic’s new Matcha Lemonade is made with a blend of organic Matcha green tea and our delicious organic homestyle lemonade. Matcha boasts 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and is loaded with catechin EGCG.

“Our Matcha Lemonade is an answer to our customers for a beverage with real perks,” McLean adds. “We believe the Matcha has a myriad of health benefits that make it a great choice to pair with our organic lemonade. It’s truly the perfect pick-me-up with real health benefits.”

Offered in family-friendly BPA-free 59 oz. packaging, Uncle Matt’s new juices are gluten-free and have no added ingredients, flavors, or preservatives. And as with all of Uncle Matt’s products, each is grown and produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.


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