Have you noticed the changes to newhope360.com?

Have you noticed the changes to newhope360.com?

Since its launch in October 2010, newhope360.com has become the online destination for news, analysis and commentary on the natural, organic and healthy products industry. The site has undergone continuous improvements over the last two years, as we’ve worked to cover the industry from supply to shelf. Today marks an important change that I believe will make newhope360.com an even better information resource for the industry as a whole as well as for the distinct audience groups that use the site.

At first blush, the site may not seem particularly different. We’re still providing comprehensive news and analysis coverage of the entire industry—all via one website, newhope360.com. What we’ve added are audience channels to make the site easier to navigate for our Retail & Distribution and Supplier-to-Manufacturer audiences.

We listened to the marketplace and believe these new channels will help us provide more targeted information and a more relevant and intuitive digital experience for our distinct audiences. Retailers, for example, can easily access how-to articles that will help them run their stores as well as comprehensive galleries and reviews of the latest natural, organic and healthy products to stock. Suppliers will find information on the latest ingredient science, regulatory developments and market trends.

We’ve also built out a Research & Insights store featuring Nutrition Business Journal reports and data charts, Engredea Monograph monthly ingredient reports, the NEXT Forecast trends and opportunity report, along with other paid research products that can help suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, investors and others better understand the natural, organic and healthy products market so that they can build and grow their businesses.

We are always looking for ways to continue making newhope360 a valuable resource for the natural, organic and healthy products market. Please let us know what you think of the site and share your ideas for how we can keep improving newhope360 for your business.

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