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Calorie-burning foods on fire in 2007

Calorie-burning beverages, satiety foods, better-for-you beer and immunity foods are all set for a big year in 2007, according to Datamonitor's Productscan Online new products database.

Productscan highlights "breakthrough beverages" such as Celsius and Coca-Cola and Nestle's jointly owned Enviga, which both claim to promote weight loss via a combination of ingredients such as ginger, caffeine and green tea that quickly and rapidly increase metabolism so that more calories are burned than consumed. Such drinks, launched in the US, were creating "an exciting new beverage niche: calorie-burning drinks", Productscan said.

Also in the weight-loss category, foods that promote a "feeling of fullness" are gaining the attention of international food makers with products such as LightFull Satiety Smoothie in the US and Danone Shape Lasting Satisfaction Yoghurt in Europe, employing a combination of fibre and protein to promote satiety with low-calorie loads. "Satiety is a little word that could have a big impact on the food and beverage marketplace," the New York-based market researcher noted.

Much activity is occurring in the healthier beer sector as brewers try to reclaim some of the ground lost to wine in recent years. One US beer fortified with folic acid and B-vitamins claims to be the "first ever government approved vitamin beer" while a range of 1% alcohol-volume German lagers fortified with ingredients such as lecithin, folic acid, other vitamins and lemon balm are targeting women.

Immune system-boosting foods are also set for a potential explosion in consumer interest as product formats widened. "Probiotic foods that help regulate digestive tract health including cultured dairy drinks and yoghurts are leading the way. But also get ready for a new generation of immunity-boosting probiotic juices, snack bars and even breakfast cereals as food makers find ways to add the benefits of dairy cultures to non-dairy foods."

Productscan also predicted a good year ahead for better-for-you kids' foods, mobile eating, locally-sourced ingredients, antioxidants, solo dining and smart packaging.

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