Comax Flavors Highlights Offerings that Cater to Vegetarians

Comax Flavors Highlights Offerings that Cater to Vegetarians

Statistics show that the trend toward vegetarian food and beverage products is growing worldwide year-to-year, including the key US and UK markets. In formulating vegetarian products made with non-meat protein from sources such as soy or wheat, Comax Favors is in a position to offer a wide range of uniquely hearty, authentic meat-like, meatless flavors that appeal both to strict vegetarians and those who simply prefer the advantages of meatless products.

According to Gladys Slovis, Applications Lab Manager for Comax Flavors, "To the casual observer, creating vegetarian meatless-meat flavors may seem like a relatively generic job for a flavor developer, but it actually holds its own special challenges. For instance, it’s very important that such flavors be strong enough to stand up to highly-absorbent vegetable proteins. Through the art of reaction technology, Comax is able to provide ingredients that replace and enhance the flavors of meats while still keeping the final product in line with vegetarian consumption. Applications where these flavors tend to be most advantageous are broths, sauces and marinades, but they come in handy for a whole range of other meatless products as well.”

Examples of vegetarian meat flavors that are available from Comax include, but are not limited to: Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Bacon, Pork, Hot Dog, Turkey and Roasted Ham. These flavors are available in both natural and artificially flavored, and in oil soluble, water soluble, liquid and powdered versions. All are kosher.

Worldwide consumer interest and demand for products which carry a vegetarian claim is notably high, as gauged by the rate of new product launches looking to appeal to this consumer preference. Perhaps surprisingly, the percentage of new products touting vegetarian status was higher globally in the first half of 2009 than those claiming “low fat” or “low in calories” or “high fiber.” Vegetarian claims for foods plus non-alcoholic beverage products have increased for the first half of 2010 versus the same period in 2009.

Interest in vegetarian foods continues to be highest in the Asia Pacific region, where the percentage of vegetarian product launches also experienced growth from 2009 to 2010. The highest number of vegetarian products has been introduced in India. A strong growth trend was also manifest in the UK and US markets. In fact, the US market experienced a significant rise in vegetarian launches in that same period: comparing the first halves of 2009 and 2010, new products supported by vegetarian claims increased by 35% in the US. (All above statistical references drawn from Datamonitor.)

About Comax Flavors

Comax Flavors was founded in 1977 and remains today a family-run company. Comax is a major innovator in flavor and aroma chemical technologies, using vertical integration to effectively manage all the critical steps in the development process. From its investment in R&D to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Comax is ideally positioned to help its clients differentiate and distinguish themselves from their competitive environments with a wide variety of taste-appealing, cost-effective flavor solutions—solutions that specifically address the interests and desires of today’s health- and value-conscious consumers.

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