Industry chatter

GMP warning
"My impression is that the industry doesn't know what's about to hit them."

— Attorney Marc Ullman at Nutracon, in reference to the first phase of GMPs implementation in June

New Zealand initiatives
"We aim to extend our research effort determinedly towards higher-value products. ... it is time to lift our game. We must make more progress in new products, in food ingredients, functional foods, nutraceuticals, all the way to biologically derived pharmaceuticals."

— Pete Hodgson, New Zealand government minister, after the announcement of a $555 million sustainable food and pastoral investment initiative

Acquisitions afoot?
"Nestlé's new chief executive, Paul Bulcke, faces the task of continuing Nestlé's evolution from a mass distributor of commodity-based foods such as milk and breakfast cereal into a nutrition and fitness firm focused on sparkling waters, performance foods and healthy lifestyles."

— From an April report in Reuters by Thomas Atkins

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