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New Line of Appetizer "BITES" From Blue Horizon Organic Combine Gluten-Free Ingredients With Sustainable Seafood

Blue Horizon Organic Seafood Company is once again energizing the frozen aisle with an all-new line of unique, gluten-free appetizer "BITES". This groundbreaking company, with product placements in supermarket freezers throughout North America, will showcase the new line at the Natural Products Expo East in Boston from October 15-18, in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Blue Horizon Organic will exhibit at Booth 2714.

The nation's largest supplier of organically-raised sustainable shrimp, Blue Horizon Organic is thrilled to debut its new gluten-free "BITES" line, several of which feature MSC-certified seafood. Gluten-free is an issue, like sustainable seafood, that's important to the folks at Blue Horizon.

After realizing that more than 3 million people in the United States have celiac disease (and countless others who have not yet been diagnosed), the Company is excited to add this new line of flavorful, convenient appetizers to its other popular sustainable seafood-based products. The new product line will serve a growing market of extremely eager consumers who are seeking ways to enjoy breaded appetizers and other simple foods most of us take for granted.

The gluten-free market in the United States is growing by more than 25 percent annually and could be a $1.7 billion market by 2010. Ever the innovators, Blue Horizon is responding to this opportunity. There are 8 SKUs in the BITES line, and varieties include Salmon Cake Bites, Crab Cake Bites, Fish & Chip Bites and Shrimp Bites. Each box contains 8 pieces with only 80 calories per serving, and are sold at a suggested retail price of $3.99. In addition to their gluten-free status, they are also made without added preservatives, antibiotics or pesticides.

Blue Horizon Organic is led by two respected pioneers in organic foods. Principals John Battendieri and Tim Redmond previously were builders of such brands as Millina's Finest Pastas and Sauces, Santa Cruz Organics, VRUIT Juices and Eden Foods. They cued their attention to sustainable seafood after recognizing an alarming depletion of wild seafood stocks. In 2005 they formed Blue Horizon Organic and realized tremendous demand for their sustainable seafood products from the start.

Underscoring the premise every consumer has the right to clean, sustainable, responsibly-sourced seafood, Blue Horizon Organic only partners with conservation-compliant, third-party-certified operations and wild fisheries. Its model includes using no growth hormones, antibiotics, tripolyphosphates, preservatives or artificial colorings, and it factors in water quality, low-density growth environments, and organic feed. Blue Horizon was founded to help protect the health and supply of aquatic ecosystems. Learn more at

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