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Ocean Spray ITG Celebrates Cranberry Success

Ocean Spray ITG has announced it is anticipating a successful 2008, as cranberry continues to hit the mainstream at record levels. This follows phenomenal growth in 2007, in which Mintel reported 900 new cranberry product launches . With 223 introductions reported in the first quarter of 2008, this year looks set to mirror the success of the previous 12 months and enhance the cranberry’s increasing popularity across the globe.

Cranberry is already a household name in a many countries and is recognized for its intense color, tangy taste and proven health benefits. Consumers in developing markets are now beginning to wholeheartedly embrace the superfruit. The Eastern European market, for example, is thriving and Asia-Pacific witnessed 30 per cent growth in cranberry products in 2007.

Kristen Borsari, senior marketing manager at Ocean Spray ITG, commented: “There were just 54 cranberry product launches in 2006 according to Mintel. It is a fantastic achievement for the cranberry industry and testament to the growing popularity of cranberry worldwide that in 2007 this number leaped to 900. As consumer demand drives new product development, we are seeing a broader range of applications, from cereals and trail mix to ready meals and salad toppings. The cranberry’s versatility allows manufacturers to innovate, creating new product lines with instant consumer appeal.”

Ocean Spray ITG’s portfolio of ingredients includes sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs), BerryFusions® Fruits, cranberry purée and 90MX powder. SDCs and BerryFusions Fruits are particularly well suited to baked goods, cereals, cereal bars, trail mixes and chocolate. They offer supreme processing advantages, withstand high temperatures, maintain fruit integrity and offer comparable health benefits to cranberry juice.
Editor’s note:
Ocean Spray ITG is part of Ocean Spray. Ocean Spray in the US currently ranks as one of the top 50 food and beverage companies. In Europe, combined sales of branded products and ITG ingredients have topped $100 million. Ocean Spray ITG offers an extensive portfolio of fruit ingredients including sweetened dried cranberries, BerryFusions® Fruits, cranberry powders and purée – all available year round.

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