Organic vs. non-organic: what do cows eat?

Organic vs. non-organic: what do cows eat?

If you are what you eat then shouldn't you care what goes into the mouths of the cows whose milk you drink? This infographic shows the drastic diet differences between an organically-fed dairy cow and one fed a conventional diet. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Lindberg International on behalf of Stonyfield Organic, 71 percent of Americans are worried about pesticides in their food and almost three out of four respondents would like to eat food produced with fewer pesticides. In the spirit of forwarding this goal, Stonyfield put together this infographic to show exactly how many pesticides go into producing milk from non-organic cows versus their organic counterparts. The graphic gives a peek into the complex, pesticide-laced system behind a carton of conventional milk. 

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