PureCircle welcomes final approval of stevia in Canada

PureCircle welcomes final approval of stevia in Canada

Company was instrumental in stevia's approval as a food additive.

PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and marketer of high purity stevia products welcomes the final approval of the Health Canada authorizing the use of stevia in foods and beverages in Canada.

PureCircle was instrumental in the approval of the natural, no calorie sweetener as a food additive, taking a leadership role to apply and define regulatory approval of steviol glycosides with Health Canada. Prior to its Nov. 30 approval, stevia was only available as a Natural Health Product, and not permitted for use as a food additive in foods and beverages in Canada. The food additive approval follows Health Canada’s evaluation of the extensive data supporting the safety and efficacy of steviol glycosides as a sweetener for food and beverages.

“After two years of working with Health Canada and other industry members, we’re happy to welcome stevia’s approval. Stevia will play an important role in addressing consumer interest in lower calorie products and natural ingredients, as well as to help offset rising commodity costs for our customers,” comments Sidd Purkayastha, vice president business development and regulatory affairs, PureCircle Limited.

The regulation permitting the use of steviol glycosides as a food additive has now been published as a Notice of Modification to the List of Permitted Sweeteners. The modification came into force on Nov. 30, 2012, the day of publication allowing for sale of products formulated with steviol glycosides immediately.

Food and Beverages sweetened with stevia are increasingly being launched around the world, from beverages to dairy to confections. Stevia has been approved in most major markets, and is met with growing consumer awareness. In Canada, steviol glycosides can be used in a wide range of categories, including beverages, breakfast cereals, bakery products, desserts, fruit and nut spreads, confectionary, and table-top sweeteners.

“PureCircle and our customers have been preparing for some time in anticipation of Canadian approval. Our entire line of stevia ingredients, including Stevia 3.0—our most recent innovative approach to formulation development, fully meets Canada specifications. With our portfolio of solutions and unmatched expertise, PureCircle is fully prepared for an exciting stage of stevia development in Canada,” states Jason Hecker, vice president of global marketing and innovation, PureCircle Limited.

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