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5 new ingredients: Almond Bran, ActivK, BLIS M18, Tongkat Ali, Soda-Lo

New ingredient launches from December 2010 Functional Ingredients including: Almond Bran from Nut-trition; ActivK from Danisco; BLIS M18 from Frutarom USA; Tongkat Ali from SourceOne Global Partners; and Soda-Lo from Main Street Ingredients.

Almond ingredient rich in fiber, low in fat
Produced by Nut-trition of California, Almond Bran is a ground almond skin removed during the almond-blanching process. A new proprietary technology processes this raw material into a safe and wholesome food ingredient that provides all the benefits of almonds with half of the fat. Almond Bran is a rich source of almond sterols and essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Total antioxidant capacity of Almond Bran is more than 13 times greater than that of almonds alone. Additionally, it contains less than half the fat and nearly four times the dietary fiber. Almond Bran adds insoluble fiber, natural color and a mild nutty flavor to all types of whole-grain breads, rolls, crackers and other products. It binds easily with fruit concentrates, nuts, grains and other ingredients commonly used in nutrition bars. It is ideal for inclusion in ice creams, candies, cereals, bakery items, and any other food product in which nuts are used. It also extends the shelf life of probiotic organisms in yogurt and probiotic supplements.

Branded vitamin K ingredient
Danisco has unveiled a new brand in its Health & Nutrition portfolio: ActivK – a branded long-chained menaquinone vitamin K2. Long-chained menaquinones, such as ActivK, have the highest bioavailability and bioactivity, ensuring greater utilisation for bone and cardiovascular functions. ActivK was recently issued a positive opinion by the European Food Safety Authority for bone health claims. ActivK MK-7 from Danisco is a fermented and purified vitamin K2 ingredient using bacteria naturally occurring in natto – a traditional fermented soy bean dish from Japan – and the richest known source of vitamin K2 MK-7. ActivK MK-7 has a novel food status in Europe.

Beneficial probiotic for oral health 
BLIS M18, a patented oral cavity probiotic, has been launched by Frutarom USA. Developed from a specific strain of S. salivarius ­– a common and beneficial oral bacteria ­ – BLIS M18 has been clinically proven to promote the health of the mouth and oral cavity by continuously supporting and increasing the underlying health of the teeth and gums. A daily intake of BLIS M18 can aid in protecting teeth from bacteria known to cause tooth decay, while protecting teeth from erosion caused by high-acid foods and helping break up dental plaque.

Tongkat Ali for exercise, weight loss markets
SourceOne Global Partners has rebranded its proprietary blend of herbal Tongkat Ali for increased mainstream uses beyond the sexual enhancement and bodybuilding supplement markets. The Southeast Asian tree root extract, Eurycoma longifolia, has for years been linked primarily to testosterone-enhancing properties. The newly dubbed AliveEL 100 is directed toward the sports nutrition, metabolic syndrome, and weight loss markets. AlivEL100 is made from a proprietary natural water extraction process that produces one of the highest potency, purest, and most biologically active Eurycoma longifolia 100:1 extract available. The company has also launched a triple-strength and more biologically active formulation called AlivEL 3X100, standardized to Eurycomanone > 3%. AlivEL100 and AlivEL 3x100 are the only Eurycoma longifolia extracts exclusively endorsed by Dr. Johari Saad, known as the "King of Tongkat Ali." Dr. Johari engineered the water extraction technology used to produce these highly concentrated ingredients.

Sodium-reduction solution
Main Street Ingredients continues its commitment to sodium reduction by introducing North American food manufacturers to Soda-Lo, an innovative sodium-reduction solution. Engineered by Nottingham-based Eminate, Soda-Lo's microscopic (5-10 microns) salt crystals deliver an intense hit on taste buds, which enables food formulators to cut sodium by more than 50 percent without impacting flavor. In itself, Soda-Lo is a 100 percent sodium chloride product and can be listed as 'salt' on labels. The secret is Eminate's patent pending technology. By restructuring the microscopic salt particles to take on the form of free-flowing hollow balls, Soda-Lo is able to evade application issues like clumping or caking.

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