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5 new ingredients: Lemon balm, soy protein, PromOat, XIVIA, coconut water

Five new ingredient launches from the February 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients: Natural Mg'Inside; soy protein; PromOat; XIVIA; and coconut water flavors.

Magnesium-rich lemon balm extract
Natural Mg’Inside is a new extract of Melissa officinalis (lemon balm), developed by Activ’Inside, a start-up company in France. Because the extract is obtained using a 100 percent aqueous process with mineral water used as a solvent, the lemon balm extract is also a natural source of magnesium. Magnesium has been approved by the EFSA to support up to eight different claims, including normal muscle function in the heart, normal nerve function and normal protein synthesis, among others. Customers may use these claims if their formulation has 15 percent of the RDA for magnesium.

Calcium- and protein-rich soy protein
Calcium-fortified Isolated Soy Protein by Solbar of Israel is designed for use in a wide range of beverage applications. An isolated soy protein with highly nutritious protein, it contains an ideal balance of essential amino acids. The calcium fortification brings the calcium level of Solpro 735 to 3 percent with a protein level of 80 percent. Cow’s milk typically contains 3 percent protein and 0.12 percent calcium. The product is a cream/off-white color and with bland flavor profile maintaining low viscosity. By simply stirring, it is dispersible even in cold water and requires minimal preparation time. Solpro 735 is perfect for dry beverage blends and other powdered drinks meant to be reconstituted with water or juice prior to consumption. It can be used in ready-to-drink beverages as well as those that are UHT processed.

Clean-label oat-based ingredient
Cereal fractionation specialists, Biovelop AB of Sweden, have created an oat-based soluble ingredient containing 35 percent beta glucan. Called PromOat, it is neutral in taste and color. PromOat differentiates itself from competitors by containing no insoluble oat fiber or oat protein, which are the components that can prejudice the flavor and aesthetics of finished products. The ingredient is also gluten free. Set up in 2003, Biovelop AB has invested more than $26.4 million (€20 million) into the research and development of PromOat, which includes the $19.8 million (€15 million) creation of an oat grain processing facility. Using locally sourced oats, the company’s patented, pioneering production process is chemical free, unlike competitors, so it provides food and drink manufacturers with a clean label final product.

Sustainable xylitol ingredient from wood pulp
XIVIA is the new brand name for DSM’s sustainable xylitol ingredient, which is produced using wood pulp side stream as raw material. Tests in 15 environmental impact categories show production of XIVIA has very low negative impact compared to other xylitol ingredients produced from corn cobs. This includes lower use of chemicals, raw materials and energy, as well as a reduced waste burden on the environment.

Flavor range to enhance coconut water beverages
Comax Flavors has unveiled a range of natural flavors designed to enhance coconut water beverages, or bring the taste of coconut water to other products. Coconut water drinks are among today’s hottest beverage areas globally, the company reports. Some of the natural flavors Comax has available for flavoring coconut water are:  black currant, lulo, lychee and yang mei. All are kosher and available in water-soluble liquid forms. Comax also offers a Natural Coconut Water WONF flavor.

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