Celebrating a New Year of Healthy Eating with the BENEO-Group

January 27, 2010 - (Morris Plains, NJ) - The BENEO-Group is partnering with food manufacturers to deliver the message of ‘New Year, back to healthy eating,’ stressing the importance of making healthy dietary choices over the long term, while exploring new marketing opportunities in the process. Partnering with key manufacturers, BENEO-Group will lay the ground work for delivering healthier dietary choices over the long term.

Yves Servotte, Member of the BENEO-Group Executive Board explains: “The winter months automatically mean people pay less attention to fitness and tend to neglect balanced and healthy eating. Exercise regimes are put on hold during the holiday season and eating ‘comfort foods’ become the main priority. As consumers return after the winter break and begin to count the cost of their over-indulgence, we are encouraging food producers to capitalize on this trend with products that promote a healthier lifestyle.

“The market segment that appears to have the most potential for growth at present is that of people looking for products to help them to eat healthy all year-round, without needing to make sacrifices in terms of taste and indulgence, as opposed to those looking to lose significant amounts of weight. The BENEO-Group as a whole brings together combined formulations expertise and market knowledge in a wide range of potential product categories. We are offering potential customers the opportunity to see what food and beverage product concepts we can create for them to tap into this ‘New Year, back to healthy eating’ trend.”

The BENEO-Group’s range of natural ingredients offers an array of product solutions that promote optimal health and nutrition. The Group offers food producers:
• fat replacers
• fiber enrichment
• sugar replacers
• functional carbohydrates that promote a low Glycemic Index, have high fiber content and support for normal glycemia and fat oxidation
• health benefits such as prolonged, sustained and balanced energy release
• product-specific benefits such as tooth-friendliness (i.e., does not promote tooth decay), bone health and increased calcium absorption

The recently launched BENEO-Institute has been established to unite the BENEO-Group’s overall expertise in nutrition science, nutritional communication and regulatory affairs and make it even more accessible for its customers. Furthermore, the BENEO-Institute will focus on current scientific studies giving even more insights into the correlation between the Group’s functional carbohydrates and healthy eating.

By capitalizing on the technological and nutritional attributes of BENEO-Group’s naturally-derived ingredients, manufacturers can harness this ‘New Year’ trend for healthy and balanced eating to ensure increased market development and penetration in 2010 and beyond.

The BENEO-Group consists of three successful, global companies specializing in functional ingredients with nutritional and technical advantages: BENEO-Orafti, BENEO-Palatinit and BENEO-Remy (offering functional ingredients derived from chicory roots, beet sugar and rice, respectively). The BENEO-Group is the ideal partner to help improve the health (weight management and digestive, bone and dental health), taste, texture and nutritional value (fat and sugar replacement/fiber enrichment) of a product. Through a unique chain of expertise, the Group actively supports in the development of more balanced and healthy food products.

The BENEO-Group is a division of the Südzucker Group and has a turnover of €350 million, employs almost 900 people and has production units in Belgium, Germany, Chile and Italy.

For information, please contact:
BENEO-Orafti Inc.
Joe O’Neill
Executive VP Sales & Marketing
2740 Route 10 West, Suite 205
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Email: [email protected]

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