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Company news

EPAX opens new HQ offices in Norway
EPAX AS, a supplier of marine-derived EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids, has settled in its new headquarter facility, OmegaHus (OmegaHouse), to accommodate its nearly tripled staff during the past nine years. Located on Norway's western shore, the 16,000 square-foot operational facility is incorporated into the company's existing production site, research and development departments, and quality assurance and control testing labs. It uses excess heat created from the nearby processing plant to warm its offices.

Sustainability programme reduces, re-uses, recycles
Fusion Formulations, a contract and private label manufacturer specialising in functional beverages and dietary supplements, has implemented a sustainability programme. Among its many changes in 2009 are: the re-use of wood and plastic delivery palettes, establishing programmes to turn off idling electronics, shredding paper for re-use as packaging materials, and participation in community environmental programmes. Additional goals have been set for 2010.

Disinfectant is first to earn organic certification
The BIOSECUR ingredient line is the first ingredient for use as a broad-spectrum preservative and disinfectant to earn organic certification. The line, made by Canadian-based Biosecur Lab, was certified by ECOCERT according to CARTV and NOP/USDA standards. Independent third-party lab tests demonstrate that BIOSECUR kills more than 99.999 per cent of common bacteria. A preservative derived from organic citrus fruit, BIOSECUR provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy and is highly effective against bacteria, fungi and yeast. It is also 100 per cent water soluble.

UC-II earns GRAS status
UC-II, InterHealth's natural collagen concentrate containing undenatured type II collagen for joint health, has been determined GRAS for use in both food and beverages. Documentation for a UC-II GRAS determination was assembled by the Burdock Group. UC-II has been included in a number of finished joint-health supplement products, including many in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Betatene earns self-affirmed GRAS status
Cognis has gained self-affirmed GRAS status for its Betatene natural colourant, which is composed of high concentration, algae-based natural carotenoids in water dispersible powders and oils. A panel of independent experts certified Betatene is safe for use as natural beta-carotene in baked foods, eggs, dairy products, cereals, gelatines, puddings, processed fruits and juices, processed vegetables and juices, snacks, soups, fats and oils, meal replacements, and medical foods. Products with Betatene now may use 'Natural Beta-Carotene' on the ingredient list and may carry these labelling claims: 'Rich source of vitamin A or excellent source of vitamin A,' 'Helps maintain healthy immune system,' and 'Helps maintain healthy skin.'

Health claims approved for AstaPure
The FDA has reviewed and is allowing the use of 12 new structural health claims filed for Algatechnologies' AstaPure brand of natural astaxanthin in the US market. Among the health claims approved for AstaPure are claims supporting cardiovascular health, neurological health and the advantage of AstaPure in maintaining a normal oxidant/antioxidant balance. Algatechnologies produces natural astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. The company's facility is located in Israel's Arava desert.

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