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D.D. Williamson launches caramel color in North America

D.D. Williamson launches caramel color in North America

D.D. Williamson has developed an acid-proof, class one caramel color for North American customers. The darkest class one caramel color in D.D. Williamson’s product line, the new product provides stability below pH 2.5 and in alcohol up to 65% ABV.

“Caramel Color 520 provides a new option – flavor and beverage developers can now select a darker, Class One with acid stability,” said Greg Kreder, Product Development Scientist. “It is minimally processed and demonstrates superior stability in acid compared to standard Class One caramel colors,” added Kreder.

For those customers exporting to the European Union, the new caramel color may be labeled as “Colour Plain Caramel” or “Burnt Sugar” depending on the function the product is serving in the food or beverage application. If flavor rather than color represents the purpose, then “Burnt Sugar” is a label option. The European Technical Caramel Association, chaired by D.D. Williamson’s Barry Foley, agreed on ‘decision-tree’ labeling of Burnt Sugar in November 2009.

D.D. Williamson will feature the new product in iced tea at Booth 6229 next month at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago. For a sample of Caramel Color 520, please contact your D.D. Williamson sales representative or e-mail [email protected].

Color with Confidence – D.D. Williamson's wide array of natural coloring, along with its sought after caramel color, helps sell 1.5 billion servings of foods and beverages every day. D.D. Williamson improves the allure of foods and beverages through visual appeal. A trusted and recognized provider of color solutions for the food and beverage industry, the company operates ten manufacturing sites on five continents. Visit for more information.

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