As Digestive Problems Grow, So Do Sales of Probiotics and Other Gut Supplements

It used to be that engaging in “potty talk” was considered a social faux pas and something that should be avoided at all costs. Today, however, more and more Americans are not only overcoming their reticence to talk about digestion, they are actually discussing the entire journey from plate to—well, you know—in full detail with just about anyone who will listen. Some people even go so far as to proudly display the former contents of their colon online as part of a larger discussion of the power of colon-cleansing herbs.

Like digestive talk, the number of people who suffer from digestive problems is growing. An estimated 60-100 million Americans live with digestive ailments, ranging from the occasional stomachache to more serious problems such as acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Seeking relief, Americans spend more than $100 billion on digestive care annually, with a growing portion of this money going toward natural digestive aids such as probiotics, enzymes and fiber products.

Nutrition Business Journal provides an in-depth look at digestive health and 13 other condition-specific health categories in our Condition-Specific Supplements and Functional Foods issue, which publishes later this month. To order your copy of the issue or to subscribe to NBJ, go to www.nutritionbusinessjournal.com.

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