Enzymotec to Market BeamMed’s Sunlight Ultrasound Solutions for Monitoring Pediatric Bone Strength and Density

Migdal HaEmeq, Israel , July 8,2008 - Enzymotec, a producer of functional ingredients, and BeamMed, a leading-edge developer of advanced ultrasound-based medical devices, have signed a licensing agreement for the promotion of BeamMed's Sunlight quantitative ultrasound solutions for pediatric bone monitoring.

Regular monitoring of bone strength and density throughout childhood is recommended in order to observe progress in the natural bone-building process and keep children on the path towards healthy adult bones. Using ultrasound technology allows routine radiation-free testing with no risk to the child.

"An important element in BeamMed business development efforts is the building of long-term collaborations with companies that are active in marketing calcium and osteoporosis-related products for the food, supplements and drugs markets,” says Tal Marom, CEO of BeamMed. “Enzymotec, which sells products worldwide to infant, baby and dairy food companies, is a natural partner for us" .

BeamMed’s Sunlight quantitative ultrasound technology has special appeal for studying bone strength and density in children because of its speed, low cost, lack of ionizing radiation and suitability for use in portable devices. Enzymotec plans to market the device through Advanced Lipids AB its joint venture for infant and baby nutrition with AAK,

Under the agreement with BeamMed, Enzymotec has a worldwide exclusive license to market Sunlight quantitative ultrasound products to baby food companies and dairy companies. In addition, Enzymotec committed to conduct further clinical trials on BeamMed’s Sunlight devices.

"The agreement is part of our strategy to bring more value to our customers by supplying our ingredients with a tailored diagnostic tool" ,says Yoav Kahane, VP Sales & Marketing at Enzymotec and Managing Director of Advanced Lipids AB. “We have received very positive feedback from customers about this concept, as they believe it will help them promote innovative concepts and strengthen loyalty to their brands. We have evaluated several different technologies and are confident that BeamMed’s Sunlight products, having a full and proven spectrum of solutions for monitoring the bones of preterm and term babies, infants and children, are a perfect fit for our strategy."

About BeamMed
The BeamMed Group is dedicated to building strong offerings of advanced medical solutions that improve care, treatment and outcomes. Leveraging the newest developments in proven technologies and our extensive market experience, the company develops and internationally markets the Sunlight line of cutting edge solutions for evaluating bone strength based on advanced ultrasound technologies. In Israel, BeamMed is a leading distributor of medical devices and equipment from leading companies worldwide, specializing in Medical Aesthetics and Urology. www.beammed.com.

About Enzymotec
Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company that develops and produces novel, lipid-based health ingredients for dietary supplement ,functional foods and clinical nutrition markets. The company acts in three main categories: cognitive improvement, cardiovascular disease prevention and balanced nutrition for babies and children.

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