Fenchem Maintains Competitive Vitamin E price

The rising cost of raw materials, energy and transportation has led to an across the board vitamin E price increase.

The price of Fenchem’s TOCOVET® natural source vitamin E in North America has been generally maintained due to large stock and expanding production operations. The price applies to TOCOVET® natural-source mixed tocopherols (both oil and powder versions), d-alpha tocopherol and d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate. Fenchem’s price has been increased compared with last year’s by about 10-15%.

Fenchem Inc facilities consist of a large warehouse space enabling the company to store an adequate level of inventory locally to provide prompt delivery fulfilling customer’s urgent requirements, which also guarantees a competitive price.

In spite of already large stocks, Fenchem is also expanding production capacities at our plant in China to satisfy USA market demand. The new facility will focus in the production of TOCOVET® vitamin E and Cholevel® phytosterol.

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