Improved Taste and Color with New Meat Culture from Chr. Hansen

Global natural ingredients supplier Chr. Hansen launches a new meat culture for cooked ham. The new culture Bactoferm® CS-300 is also suitable for other cured and cooked meats as well as bacon and fermented sausages like salami.

“The main advantage of the two selected bacterial strains used in this blend is their ability to provide a mild, round taste and the typical color of cooked cured meat products. The culture simply has a high nitrate reductase activity and provides the desired color much faster than market standard,” says John Jensen, Marketing Director, Chr. Hansen.

Meeting health trend spot on
All over the world the pressure from the consumers in terms of demanding healthy, natural products with no artificial additives keeps increasing, and the supermarkets want to offer products that meet that trend.

“With our culture meat producers can add value to their product by the use of a natural ingredient and at the same time ensure a short ingredient list. This is without compromising on the quality and with an attractive appearance of the sausage or ham. On top it even provides the “home-made” taste experience,” adds John Jensen.

Easy and cost-effective in production
Not only consumers benefit from the new invention from Chr. Hansen. The new culture, which is an enhanced version of the already successfully selling Bactoferm® CS-299, brings several advantages to the producer with no change of process.

“A great benefit is the possibility to add this culture together with Chr. Hansen’s Natural Taste System - a vegetable flavour blend, which is a concept to produce all-natural products while ensuring high product safety and enhanced freshness during shelf-life,” explains John Jensen.

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