Introducing: Probiotic mix for children's health

Chr. Hansen now offers easy-to-use probiotic sticks to boost children’s immune system. The stick contains BB-12® and LGG® - the two best-documented probiotic strains in the world.

Global consumers increasingly look for probiotic dietary supplements to promote general well-being. The global retail market for probiotic dietary supplements experienced a 46.9% growth between 2002 and 2005. A growth of 32.6% is predicted through 2010 (Euromonitor International).

Customers as well as consumers look for products that are well-documented, meet regulatory requirements and are easy to use. The new sticks, containing either BB-12® or a mix of BB-12® and LGG® strains, meet all of these demands.

“We experience a growing interest in probiotic solutions for children. Our new stick caters to a need for a natural and easy way to present children with probiotics. Several clinical studies show a beneficial effect on both children’s immune system and their gastrointestinal well-being. But also adults can benefit from this new product,” says Tine Westerdahl, Head of Marketing, Health & Nutrition Division, Chr. Hansen.

Probiotics with vanilla taste
Not all children take kindly to the feel and taste of many supplements, but the Chr. Hansen stick makes it easier in a variety of ways. The stick contains a small amount of powder, which can be mixed into children’s food or drinks – either cold or lukewarm – and it comes in a neutral or mild vanilla taste. Furthermore, with its small size (25 x 90 mm) it is easy to carry around and keeps perfectly at ordinary room temperature.

“We are confident that the market will welcome this new product as it offers benefits to customers as well as parents and their children” concludes Tine Westerdahl.

BB-12® & LGG® are the world’s best documented strains, clinically tested in both adults and children. BB-12® & LGG® have proven health benefits within gastrointestinal well-being and immune boosting effect. For more information, please visit our probiotics website.

Chr. Hansen specializes in probiotics for dietary supplements for the following areas:

• Children’s Health
• Immune Health
• Gastrointestinal Health
• Women’s Health

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