OmniMin™, FortiSalt®, elete Electrolyte Add-In™ Supplements from Mineral Resources International, Inc. Receive Top Honors from Shape You Gear Awards

Three products manufactured and sold by Mineral Resources International, Inc., a leading family-owned manufacturer of all-natural mineral supplements using minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, have received top honors from Shape, a web site that rates the top supplements, sports and fitness gear and equipment. Both OmniMin™ and FortiSalt® supplements received a “Top Gear of the Year” award, and elete Electrolyte Add-In™ received a “Great Gear of the Year” award.

“We are very pleased and honored by this award,” stated Val Anderson, Executive Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing for MRI. “Because the Shape You Gear Awards are voted on and decided by nutrition and fitness experts, the award recognizes those products that offer unique and valuable benefits to consumers. My family—the Anderson family—and MRI have been committed to manufacturing the finest all-natural mineral supplements using all-natural premium minerals. Receiving three top honors from Shape You is an important validation of the expertise, care, and quality that we invest into our products.”

OmniMin is a liquid, low-sodium, all-natural mineral supplement rich in magnesium, an essential mineral, complemented with the balance of naturally occurring minerals and microelements. OmniMin mineral supplement can be taken daily to replace the essential minerals and micronutrients that may be lacking in the diet.

As with MRI’s all natural, premium mineral concentrates, OmniMin is handcrafted and undergoes the Anderson family’s traditional, all-natural solar-evaporation process. OmniMin mineral supplement is available in two sizes: a 5 oz. bottle, which provides a 60-day supply, MSRP $9.98; an 18 oz. bottle, which provides a 218-day supply with a suggested retail of $24.98.

FortiSalt® Gourmet Mineral Supplement
Excess sodium consumption has been linked with an increased risk of elevated blood pressure. Table salt and even sea salts contain mostly sodium and chloride, which are not recommended for individuals following a low-sodium diet. FortiSalt Gourmet Mineral Supplement is designed to fortify food with a balance of essential minerals including magnesium and potassium and a broad-spectrum balance of microelements including zinc, chromium, selenium, and others in nutritionally significant amounts.

FortiSalt supplement not only enhances food’s nutritional value, but also enhances food’s flavors while cutting sodium by nearly half. FortiSalt is available in two sizes: a ~8.5 oz. table-size bottle with a spray nozzle, MSRP $9.36; an 18.6 oz. kitchen size with a flip-top lid, MSRP $12.98.

elete Electrolyte Add-In™
The original pure electrolyte concentrate invented by the Anderson family more than five years ago, elete Electrolyte Add-In is designed to add essential electrolytes—magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride—to beverages and foods to replace electrolytes athletes lose through sweat and activity. Athletes can use elete add-in to make pure electrolyte water or add it to any beverage and transform it into an electrolyte-charged drink. elete contains only essential electrolytes to support hydration, performance, and muscle function, yet is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives commonly found in sports punch and other electrolyte-replacement products.

elete add-in has been clinically proven to improve hydration. In a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, wildland firefighters who drank plain water consumed 74 percent more water to achieve the same level of hydration as those firefighters who drank water fortified with elete Electrolyte Add-In™. elete electrolytes are available in four sizes: a 24.6-ml pocket bottle of elete (makes 10, 32-oz servings), MSRP of $4.99; an 8-oz. refill (makes 24 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration), MSRP of $14.98; a 16-oz (makes 48 gallons), MSRP of $24.98; and the 32-oz. team size (makes 96 gallons) with a suggested retail of $40.

Backed by Quality, Safety Testing
All of MRI’s mineral concentrates undergo rigorous potency and purity testing. In addition, MRI’s minerals are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and pass the Food Chemicals Codex’s heavy metals safety test. MRI is GMP certified through NSF.

About Mineral Resources International, Inc.:
Founded through a parent company formed in 1969 by the Anderson family, Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI) ( specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing noteworthy nutritional supplements in liquid, tablet, and powder delivery forms, integrating naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Through its close relationship with NorthShore Limited Partnership, its exclusive supplier and the only government-inspected, food-grade, solar-evaporation mineral harvester on the Great Salt Lake, MRI goes to great lengths to ensure an all-natural, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) premium mineral and trace mineral product while maintaining consistent standardization, concentration, and balance in each lot. MRI manufactures a complete line of innovative dietary supplements ranging from multi-vitamins to targeted nutritional formulas using all-natural ionic minerals. In addition, MRI provides a complete portfolio of natural ionic mineral ingredients for use in supplements, functional beverages and foods. MRI’s products are sold worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including natural products and specialty retail stores, salons and estheticians, and natural health care practitioners.

About Shape You ( is the creation of fitness and nutrition guru Tony Hale, and provides a wealth of information, articles and resources for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers in the sports, health and fitness industries. This year, also launched its Sports, Health & Fitness Wholesale Trade Directory where wholesale trade buyers for health food stores, sporting goods stores and many other retail outlets can find all the wholesale products they’re looking for in one location.

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