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Sunny Crunch Foods Launches “Power Smart Bar” Featuring SerinAid® PS And Meg-3® Omega-3 PUFAs

Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd., Markham, Ontario, Canada, has announced the launch of a prototype bar, featuring Chemi Nutra’s PS ingredient along with Ocean Nutrition Canada’s microencapsulated omega-3 ingredient. The 1.59 oz. (45 gram) “Power Smart Bar” contains 190 calories, 8 grams of protein, 60 mg of PS, and 5 mg of omega-3 PUFA, and is designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals seeking to maintain or improve their mental performance – memory, concentration, focus, and learning abilities.

“Both PS and omega-3 PUFA, the active ingredients in Power Smart Bar, have been extensively researched in improving cognition, mood, and stress. Their inclusion in a tasty food bar matrix is a very novel way to deliver these important nutrients to both adults and children”, said Stephen Lukawski, of Market-Wise Nutrition. Lukawski, representing Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd., can be consulted for information related to formulation, production, purchasing, and marketing of “Power Smart Bar”.

In the US, both PS and omega-3 PUFA have been granted qualified health claims by the FDA, and their use as active nutrients is a “first” in the functional foods arena. The claims for PS are related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly, while the claim for omega-3 PUFA is related to heart health.

Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of specialty foods and functional foods, having exceptional nutrient profiles as well as responsive production turn around times. Market-Wise Nutrition is a well established company engaged in new product development, as well as sales and marketing of specialty nutritional supplements, foods, and functional foods.

Contact: Stephen Lukawski
Ph: 888.472.2275

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