Tate & Lyle to Partner with Solvay on Digestive Health Ingredient

Tate & Lyle has today announced that it has signed an agreement with Solvay to sell the ingredient Solactis® Galactofructose in bakery and other food and beverage applications in Europe (excluding Spain and Portugal), the Middle East and Africa.

Solactis® Galactofructose is a non-digestible carbohydrate derived from milk. Following comprehensive clinical trials, Galactofructose has been shown to deliver wide ranging health benefits as a prebiotic ingredient which also regulates digestive transit at very low dosages. In addition scientific results suggest that it could be beneficial in stimulating mineral absorption, and helpful in managing weight.

Galactofructose was first employed as a food ingredient for infant milk formulas in the 1950’s and since the 1960’s has also been used in the pharmaceutical industry in North America, Asia and Europe. It is supported by more than 50 years of scientific research, 30 of them conducted by Solvay. The ingredient also holds a long history of use in Asia where it has been employed in dairy applications and in infant nutrition.

Tate & Lyle and Solvay will use Solactis® Galactofructose to create a range of “better for you” food applications for and with customers. They will leverage synergies within Tate & Lyle’s existing food ingredients portfolio, including products such as Sta-lite® Polydextrose and Promitor™ Resistant Starch.

Tate & Lyle will be showcasing Solactis® Galactofructose as a part of its Enrich™ offering at Food Ingredients Europe 09. At stand Number 8M35 visitors will be able to taste a first series of innovative prototypes such as juice drinks and bakery items.

Commenting, James Blunt, Vice-President Sales & Marketing Tate & Lyle Food Ingredients Europe said: “Galactofructose is an extremely functional food ingredient and has been shown to have excellent digestive effects, as well as other important benefits.

“Our partnership with Solvay is a natural fit. We will be able to combine their substantial experience and nutritional knowledge of Galactofructose with our own ingredients expertise, to develop products which are healthy and taste great.”

“Galactofructose complements our health and wellness strategy very well, so we’re delighted to be able to bring it to our customers now.”

Pascal Ronfard, Solactis® Program Manager of Solvay said: “This dairy derivative has proved to be a mild but efficient digestion facilitator and we believe it has great potential in the food world.

“The partnership with Tate & Lyle will allow us to combine their excellent insight into consumer habits and preferences, top quality applications expertise and far reaching distribution network, with our knowledge of the nutritional and functional benefits of Galactofructose. Together we will develop more healthy food products for European consumers. We’re looking forward to a very fruitful partnership.”

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