Water-Soluble Coenzyme Q10 40% Introduced by Blue California

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA –Blue California, an ingredient manufacturer in
Southern California, announced the development of a 40% concentration of coenzyme
Q10, in response to the dietary supplement industry’s demand for higher concentrations
of this ingredient. Blue California’s new 40% concentration differs significantly from
other water-soluble forms of coenzyme Q10 in the marketplace because it does not
contain emulsifiers and all ingredients used in the micro-encapsulation process are
classified as GRAS.

Blue California has been the exclusive distributor for CoQ10-WS, a water-soluble
form of coenzyme Q10 manufactured in Japan, since 2005, offering a 10% and 20%
concentration. The new 40% concentration was developed by Blue California with the
use of its proprietary micro-encapsulation technology, a process by which oil-soluble
ingredients, such coenzyme Q10, can become soluble in water with greater stability and
significantly improved bioavailability.

CoQ10 plays a crucial role in producing energy in cells. It acts as a powerful antioxidant,
meaning that it helps neutralize cell-damaging molecules called free radicals.
Manufactured by all cells in the body, CoQ-10 is an accepted treatment for
cardiovascular disease in Japan, as well as Europe and Israel. A 2005 article in American
Family Physician stated coenzyme Q10 could treat disorders related to cellular energy
metabolism and oxidative injuries and “its efficacy appears most promising for
neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease.”

Cecilia McCollum, Blue California’s Executive Vice President stated, “I believe that
40% is the highest concentration of water-soluble coenzyme Q10 available in the market
today. The complete solubility of our product in cold water ensures an improved
bioavailability.” Added McCollum: “No emulsifiers are used in the manufacturing
process of our product ensuring that our product will stay in a clear solution. This is what
our customers are looking for.” Emulsions do not form spontaneously and tend to have a
cloudy appearance. Over time, emulsions can become unstable due to electrical charge
incompatibility or the ionic strengh of the solution derived from other ingredients in the

Blue California is a GMP-registered manufacturer of Kosher-certified standardized
botanical extracts and other specialty ingredients. Blue California uses raw materials
from around the world to produce high quality ingredients for the dietary supplement and
functional foods industries.

In addition, Blue California offers also contract-manufacturing services such as blending,
granulation and chilsonation.

For more information, contact Cecilia McCollum at Blue California, 30111 Tomas,
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. (949) 635-1990, (949) 635-1984 Fax,
[email protected], http://bluecal-ingredients.com

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