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Yogen Fruz Announces the Introduction of Probiotics in its Non Fat & Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jun 19, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- The literal meaning of "Probiotics" comes from the Greek meaning "For Life" Probiotics are living bacteria cultures, which when consumed in sufficient quantities, have beneficial effects on health. While many yogurts contain live cultures, they may not have the strength to survive the digestive process and therefore, may not provide the same health benefits as adding Probiotic cultures. YOGEN FRUZ, by adding Probiotic cultures to its frozen yogurt, helps to maintain optimal levels of good bacteria in your digestive system.

According to the company, the regular cultures being used are Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus, and the Probiotic Culture is patent-protected L. paracasei subsp paracasei F19, a very robust organism that has been shown to survive the journey through the stomach and thrive in the gut.

Some of the benefits of Probiotic cultures are that it reduces the risk of colon cancer, assists in lowering cholesterol, helps manage lactose intolerance, improves immune system, prevents infections and reduces inflammation, helps improve mineral absorption and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. For more information on the benefits of Probiotic cultures, visit the following websites:;;;;

Yogen Fruz's Non Fat and Low Fat Frozen Yogurt is now available with Probiotic cultures to give our customers an even healthier choice, without added cost or change in taste. Consumers are becoming more aware of the role that certain foods or food components may have in promoting health. Yogen Fruz consumers will be happy to know that something they love to eat is also good for them.

Yogen Fruz has once again placed itself at the forefront of innovation by being the ONLY frozen yogurt company in North America to use Probiotic cultures in its frozen yogurt. Starting immediately consumers can continue to enjoy the great taste of Yogen Fruz, only now, with a boost of Probiotic Cultures.

Yogen Fruz remains true to its vision of being the leader in the Better For You segment. The Company continues to react responsibly to changes in the consumers' habits by continuously positioning itself at the cutting edge of consumer favorites for healthy, nutritious, good tasting frozen desserts/snacks.

Along with the introduction of Probiotics, Yogen Fruz plans to expand their nutritional outlook to include a whole new line of Better For You frozen treats. Be on the lookout for some innovative creations being blended with our "Healthy Additions" at Yogen Fruz locations. Yogen Fruz is about wellness, health and lifestyle.

Share in the experience of good taste and healthy eating. Yogen Fruz ... where health meets happiness! (TM)

About International Franchise Corp.:
International Franchise Corp. (IFC) owns a diverse portfolio of frozen dessert brands that span a market spectrum from Better-for-You to the Indulgent markets. IFC is at the forefront of a rapidly emerging demand for yogurt-based products and attributes in the Better for You category through its Yogen Fruz(R), ICBY(R) and Golden Swirl(R) brands. IFC is simultaneously focused on the indulgent consumer market through its Swensen's(R) ice cream (Super Premium), Bresler's(R) ice cream (Premium) and Ice Cream Churn(R) (Economy) Brands. IFC has a vast franchise network which today operates in over 60 countries around the world.

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