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Consumers look to manufacturers for healthier choices

Americans struggling with obesity are looking to food manufacturers to provide healthier eating options, according to an October Nielsen Consumer Insight report titled A Widening Market: The Obese Consumer in the US. While 81 percent of respondents in the Nielsen survey agreed or strongly agreed that individual choices about diet and exercise are major factors in weight gain, respondents also placed some blame on advertisers and food companies that they say encourage people through advertising to “eat less-healthy food.” According to the report, there is a clear opportunity for manufacturers to target overweight and obese people through better nutritional labeling, health awareness programs and marketing messages that speak directly to this audience’s needs and perspectives.

In-store discount programs win with natural and organic shoppers

According to a consumer buying survey conducted in late September by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, 91 percent of natural and organic product consumers reported using some type of grocery coupons to manage spending during the country’s financial crisis. Ninety-five percent of respondents reported using in-store coupon programs, followed by 84 percent usage of coupons obtained via mail or the newspaper. Seventy-six percent said they use printable online coupons. Only 9 percent of respondents claimed to have used coupons sent to their cell phones.

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