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Fruit d'Or launches cranberry education campaign

Fruit d'Or launches cranberry education campaign
On the heels of a very successful SuppySide West seminar, the company will spearhead a webinar series and further education to position Cran Naturelle for urinary tract health in 2015.

Stephen Lukawski, director of business development for Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals, has announced that on the heels of a very successful seminar held at the recent SupplySide West convention, the company will be spearheading a webinar series and further educational campaign to position its Cran Naturelle organic cranberry for urinary tract health in 2015.

The seminar, given to a full room of attendees, featured keynote speaker Christian G. Krueger (CEO) of Complete Phytochemical Solutions LLC, who discussed the critical need for authenticity, standardization and efficacy evaluation of cranberry material. He presented new analytical tools for testing both for authenticity and total overall proancthocyanidins (PACs) in cranberry material and products. Krueger also introduced new reference standards for evaluating both soluble and insoluble PACs present in cranberry. These new analytical tools and reference standard—called C-PAC—is, said Krueger, "a game changer," as the PAC content in cranberry products may now be identified with more accuracy than any other test method currently used by other laboratories testing for PACs.

Using Cran Naturelle cranberry powder as a benchmark, we demonstrated the need and importance of fingerprint analysis. "Knowing what components exist in the starting cranberry powder is the most important factor prior to conducting any scientific studies of efficacy," he explained. According to Lukawski the fingerprint analysis prevents manipulation and adulteration and creates authenticity."

Krueger also presented a study that he conducted comparing the PAC levels of various cranberry powders. Using new reference standards called C-PAC and analytical equipment to measure total overall PACs, both insoluble and soluble.The study showed that Cran Naturelle contained higher levels of PACs than other leading brands. Cran Naturelle also showed a 15-fold PAC content than cranberry juice powder from Ocean Spray. Lukawski asserted that it is not about being best in class but the need to create a level playing field of quality within the cranberry industry based upon the education of authenticity, standardization and efficacy. This groundbreaking information from Complete Phytochemical Solutions LLC now allows buyers and consumers to receive a higher standard of quality and be given a guarantee of assurance for purity, potency and safety when selecting cranberry ingredients

"The exciting discovery of insoluble PACs also opens up new opportunities for research into cranberry's health potential beyond the urinary tract," said Lukawski. "This includes gut, oral and heart health, and more. Cranberry powders may now be joined by cranberry skin, seed and oil, each with its own targeted strength in the human body; researchers are currently examining their roles."

Tom Jones, a veteran cranberry expert who attended the seminar, commented, "I honestly thought it was one of the best seminars I have ever attended and I think this is exactly what the industry needs to clear up both the confusion and the reputation of the cranberry suppliers. Congratulations on being willing to take the lead in this. I hope it begins a movement to get us all 'on a level playing field!'"

Lukawski added that the success of this seminar and the new information presented by Krueger will serve as the keystone for further educational events slated for 2015. "As the industry evolves and the science of ingredients does too, the result is a bevy of new potential opportunities for brand marketers to create and own spaces,” he said. “Look for our cranberry webinar series involving Christian G. Krueger and educational marketing campaign in 2015 to deliver this continuing knowledge to the industry."


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