Hosoda sponsors int'l resveratrol meeting

Hosoda sponsors int'l resveratrol meeting

Leading researchers from Europe, Asia and North America will establish a platform for the scientific knowledge of resveratrol's health effects.

The 2013 regional resveratrol meeting will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on Oct. 7 and 8, 2013. The meeting was made possible with the generous support of Hosoda Nutritional, a Japanese company that is the sole manufacturer of Melinjo Resveratrol.

The purpose of the meeting is to collect scientists working in Asia and in combination with leading researchers from Europe and North America, to establish a platform for the scientific knowledge on the health effects of resveratrol and other naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds.

By combining national and international experts in the field of health-promoting naturally-occurring compounds, the workshop will support regional research in this specific field, as well as enable exceptional training opportunities the young scientist.

Melinjo Resveratrol is a natural resveratrol extracted from the seeds of the melinjo, Gnetum gnemon. This tree is native to Southeast Asia and melinjo is the common Indonesian name for the plant. Melinjo Resveratrol can be found in a range of consumer products in Japan and is available for food and supplement manufactures globally.

Melinjo seed contains lots of resveratrol (stilbenoid) mainly in form of Dimer (Gnetin C). Melinjo resveratrol has been studies for more than 10 years mainly by the Japanese scientists. There is already a good level of clinical documentation and newstudies are emerging constantly. In addition, Melinjo Resveratrol has antioxidative and antiviral activities it may also reduce visceral fat and increasing stamina.


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